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Clanhall Token Idea

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Posted by Morphine on 12/01

Idea for clanhall tokens:

What if tokens had unique stats that could not be gotten by any currently existing items? That would provide some motivation for people carrying tokens outside of hall, and might add an interesting twist to pk.


From: Mo Monday, November 30, 10:04PM

clans would vie (?) for the best stats tho.

From: Zeus Monday, November 30, 11:26PM

We want 5 con bracelets!

From: Ishtar Monday, November 30, 11:58PM

I don't think people will carry tokens when the consequences of losing one are so disastrous. As I understand it (please correct me if I'm wrong), once somebody has your token they can go on and on getting an endless supply of them. This means that even if you get them all back except one, there will be 50 more floating around next week. If there was going to be a change, it should be made so that a person not a member of the clan cannot get more tokens from the clan mob, but only use the one they have. If you only have one token, only one person can raid the hall at a time. Once its recovered, you can't do it anymore. Of course a spy can still give out 50, but once the spy is removed and the tokens recovered, the hall would eventually be safe. Then the above idea might work. But with housing coming in, I doubt it would be worth chaning anything.

From: Mo Tuesday, December 01, 12:22AM

the way i understood, you can only get tokens if you are a member of that clan, so no on that, i think.

but another thing is that either we'll have a really easy way of getting good eq (just have a clanned guy sell his tokens to unclanned, however stupid that may be :P) or have eq that only clanned have access to (which, is a tad bit unfair).

i think tokens should automatically group clanmembers if they have the token in their inventory, something maybe impossible to code (well, just tough) but fun.


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