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Posted by Beam on 12/01

Isn't it weird how only glowing orbs and permanent lights are the only lights that are used in the light slot? Lets some kind of refillable light in the game that uses the light slot and is low rent. Also how bout an item that lights rooms when in inventory.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, December 01, 09:29AM

My understanding on items that use the 'light' slot is this -- the reason that they are in 'light' and not 'held' is because they are supposedly floating in the air above your head. A refillable magic floating light is an interesting idea, though, thanks for the suggestion. As for items that light rooms in inventory, I don't think that that's possible under the current code, but I know that Kaige is working on the code for light levels and lights.


From: Israfel Tuesday, December 01, 07:07PM

While we're at it, why not make magic carpets work when in inventory as opposed to worn. Worn doesn't seem to make any real sense, I mean - who wears a carpet unless um...they have no clothes and are really cold?

Would be nice for carpets to work more like boats since they are effectively "vehicles" anyway.

Israfel Shadowleaf

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