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Posted by North on 12/06

just wanted to see if Earthquake could be upgraded to 3/4 the level of firestorm, or maybe make whirlpool have a random chance of sinking boats. And of course, make roots less filling! (They still taste great, but I'm on a diet it appears)


From: Maxamillian Saturday, December 05, 03:31PM

If anyone remembers my previous posts, I believe I have advocated tweaking of the Earthquake and whirlpool spells. I hate it when It takes all my mana to hurt everyone in my group and only my TARGET and no one else in the room. I have been told that im one of the few 3rd circ create mages around, and Id like to see some of my spells see more use I fully agree with north here.


The living dichotomy

From: Rufus Sunday, December 06, 02:46PM

these won't be in till next week but...

earthquake is now a true area affect spell (no need to specify a target). It will not charge for or damage members of your own group either.



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