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changes to headbutt/stun & group pk

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Posted by Zeus on 12/03

I dont mind the change to headbutt and stun not working on players already stunned, but could it still init combat? It makes 2 pkers who both headbutt have a hard time teaming up on others because only one person (assuming you both land) will get in his attacks.

I think you should get the message 'But they are already stunned.' and still hit.


From: T-Bone Thursday, December 03, 01:16PM

I agree, would also be nice if mana wasn't wasted when you attempt to stun an already stunned person. There's also a bunch of other places where it's easy to waste a lot of mana but won't get into that now.

What I used to really like with the old tick based stun was that one stood a chance in 2 on 1's by stunning one you're not fighting until the tick was up. I'm not sure how it works now but they seem to wake too quick.. 15 or so seconds would be nice.

From: Mo Thursday, December 03, 06:04PM

Last i checked, against mobs, you don't waste mana stunning an already stunned mob.

and yeah, 2.headbutt was one of the coolest things on this mud, atm, not even 2.choke and 2.warcry (assuming you land) work nearly as well.

From: Ea! Thursday, December 03, 06:16PM

This is a good idea, we'll put it on the list of things to do. We'll actually probably make it a config option so that people can have either affect. (Though the default will be to initiate combat, unless people really think it should be the other way around).


From: Fright Thursday, December 03, 06:38PM

No please, have it initiate as default. This is really annoying. :P


From: Mo Thursday, December 03, 08:20PM

how will the skill lag be handled?


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