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blinding flash

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Posted by T-Bone on 12/04

How about making blinding flash crash the victims?

It needn't be all targets in the room, even one would be nice. (I can imagine it may be a little powerful if all crashed)

From: Mo Friday, December 04, 05:21PM

heh. i think it would be quite powerful if it crashed even one, considering that the flash is non-agg. If we made the caster of flash the target of everyone that was flashed in the room (which isn't the case in pk) then i think crashing would be somewhat justified. as it is tho, flash being non-agg would make it rather powerful if it allowed for even one crash.


From: Payne Friday, December 04, 05:47PM

if i saw a mage about to cast a blinding flash, wanna know what i would do?

i'd close my eyes and let the flash go :)


From: T-Bone Friday, December 04, 06:26PM

It isn't non-agg, I used it a few times today and the mobs attacked.. perhaps it's random because occasionally they haven't gone agg. -shrug-

From: Mo Friday, December 04, 07:09PM

it is agg to mobs, but not in pk. :p

From: Rufus Friday, December 04, 07:45PM

Actually, it's not AGG per se. Agg spells/etc initate combat (firestorm etc). Blinding flash just tends to make things upset at you. The same hatred gets set with PC's, but hatreds with PC's do very little.


From: Davien Friday, December 04, 11:33PM

Hmm I use the spell lots, seems to only make mobs with 'special' sigh agg to me. Sidhe are a good example, seeing they can see a lot of things. When you flash them they get annoyed. I would point out however, that there are lots of mobs around that have special sight for absolutly no reason I can fathom Sidhe, well yes, they are magical creatures, but things like field mice?

Personally I find the spell very helpful as is, and take some precautions on mobs I know are going to be upset by it.

Davien Holyoake.


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