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Posted by McDonald on 12/06

How bout a skill called turn. Would allow a person to switch victims, when one is fighting more than 1 mob or person. This skill if implemented should have no lag, I think as it has no real advantage other than helping you hit your intended target.

Secondly, in order to fix stun 2.mob headbutt 2.mob, maybe waking from stuns should not be based on an amount of time, but damage instead. Ie weak stun mobs wake when 60 hp damage is done every time, but have a chance to wake every time they get hit, with each hit being more likely to wake them, until the 60hp cap was hit. Not sure if this is even possible with this system, but I too hate how stun 2.mob is rarely effective.

From: TerrorSpawn Sunday, December 06, 07:50AM

Actually, stun is kinda like that, but in hits, not damage. If you're stunned, and not fighting, you wake up in so much time. If you're fighting, there's a slightly random number of times you'll see the "stunned" message before you wake up. And you wake up much sooner than if you weren't fighting. The time is higher for some skills like warcry and backstab, and lower for others like choke and stun. (as far as I understand the system)


From: Mo Sunday, December 06, 05:37PM

from what i understood, stuns last in proportion to how many times you get hit -- str fighters with less swings have a higher chance of prolonging a stun than a con fighter with 13 attacks. as far as choke goes, i think it's majorly buggy, one in that it guarantees breaking of a stun if you carotid somebody that is already stunned (they'll last exactly one stunned attack after that carotid) and in general that the carotids seriously don't last long enough compared to the difficulty in obtaining them.


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