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Posted by Poetry on 12/23

Ok, backstab was a bit too strong so coders decided to change it to a 2 round skill, instead of a 1 round. In return for this downgrade, and in effort to make snipers more balanced and playable, coders implemented new shoot code that made shooting better when a weapon isnt wielded. Well this turned out to be too strong, and it was promptly removed. So I was just wonder, is there some other "upgrade" in the works to compensate for the weakening of backstab?

It seems that a lot of my most vocal sniper friends are no longer clanned, and actually, as a sniper, Im feeling more lonely than ever. You dont hear about crazy backstab flee deaths anymore, cause the new backstab doesnt seem to para for much longer than 2 rounds anyway. So again, Im wondering, Is there something for snipers to look forward to? And if not, can we have fast backstab back?

Eek! and one more question, I remember coders talking about fixing tumble to account for high perception bonuses. Did it happen? I seem to be tumbling more, but I just wanted to be sure!


From: Mo Sunday, December 06, 08:59PM

i think Ea! told me he'd look into making backstab lag be 1 round on a non-para and 2 rounds on a para, but I am not sure how far that detail went.


From: Bryn Sunday, December 06, 11:10PM

It would be a huge help if at least backstabs which missed got a 1-round lag instead of the current 2-round. Missing a backstab and then sitting around getting pounded on for 2 rounds just makes me feel silly.


From: Horus Monday, December 07, 07:40PM

personally i do'nt see how a person can be backstabbed more than once?

just my opinion

From: Murmandamus Wednesday, December 09, 11:04AM

I think a person that's sleeping or stunned has every excuse in the world to get backstabbed as many times as he or she wants.

From: SmotPoker Wednesday, December 23, 11:38AM

I'm not sure but I think the backstab is a 1 round skill again, but even so, snipers have been hugely neglected. I will be the first to admit that I am a piss poor excuse for a PKiller, but it seems rather strange to me that I can fairly well against other snipers, but get tore the hell up when I fight nearly any other kind of char.

The other night, I experianced a single stun that left me with 37/216hp. I would be very lucky to do that much dam with a para, since I could only get off one more before they wake, and thats with a succesfull immediate flee, and going straight back for another bs. I have more luck against mobs, mobs much bigger than me that i shouldnt be able to kill,and no sniper should be able to say that.

I am not trying to cry my way to a 5 round para (wink 100mind stunner) if I was too disasitisfyed with snipers, I would perma and go a differant way, I am simply wondering why upgrades are made for chars that already outclass us. Dont get me wrong, there are some bad ass snipers out there, but looking at the numbers, and watching a sniper try and fight a straight fighter or a mage, you have to notice that its kinda lop-sided.

If you really want to even out PKill, perhaps you should upgrade the fundamentally weaker types of chars. Even if your a hard core PKiller, chances are, you arnt gonna backstab your way to HeavyWeight PKill champ.

just wanting to add his two sence...

-the slit-eyed herbalist.


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