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Posted by Riptide on 12/08

what exactly do you mean by london surgeons will only get the bonus' when above the min req? does this mean 100mind/spi surgeons heal tons more than 60 min/spi..etc? And why did this change go in?

London was hurting enough before so it was given bonus' why now should the bonus be taken away and only given when more stat points are sacrificed!

From: McDonald Monday, December 07, 05:46AM

It's basically separating out the char types. Since this is a classless mud, its been possible to do a bit of everything with one char.

Now they are making it so if you can heal you suck at fighting and if you are good at fighting you cant heal very well.

But hey this will be nice when housing goes in huh, stead of renting your spam gear, youll keep a whole nother set for healing, that you can run throw on.

Probably will see more ppl being pure fighters and pure healers.

If everyone does the smart thing anyway, since this would be the most efficient.

From: Tarn Monday, December 07, 08:10AM

I have a vested interest. I am a london surgeon, with enough mind/spi that I can operate naked if I have to, and I can meditate without spamming.

The problem, as I see it, with downgrading surgeons/healer types, is that a lot of players xprun, and then seek out a healer to heal, as opposed to taking a healer running with them. If a healer type can't fight to gain xp, and hitters choose not to take them on runs, how is a surgeon (or other healer) supposed to gain levels?

To downgrade the healing abilities like this, or to say you have a choice, be a good healer who can't hit or be a mediocre healer who can hit, is going to lead to a scarcity of good healers.

Just my 2 coins worth


From: Rufus Monday, December 07, 09:59AM

Surgeons with min stat req's have not changed from the original definition of surgery. Londoners will be rewarded, however, for exceeding the amount. This was my original intention with the prior 'upgrade' to london surgeons, it was just never implemented.


From: Fairfax Monday, December 07, 11:30AM

-sniff- .. why did it go in in the first place then? We've been spoiled by the mega heals we've been giving, and now it's being cruelly yanked away. It's like parry.. when something good which we never had went in, we enjoyed it teasingly, and then it got removed - it's almost a marketing ploy.

Anyway, which stat will it depend on? Mind or spi? I've got to go stock up on some eq now, and congrats - you've achieved something no other code change so far has managed.. you managed to make me carry spam eq now. I suppose that's the way the mud's heading.

Don't mind me.. I'll be okay once the tantrum blows over.. =)


M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Huck Monday, December 07, 01:28PM

If the point of the upgrade was to make london surgeons more competitive compared to lima surgeons who have access to druidic skills, then I think this downgrade (or up-grade maybe, but I'll never know until I DT) just makes Lima surgeons more useful. Granted some surgeons fight better than others, investing in 50 spirit/mind always takes away from other fight stats. Um, I'm digressing...darn.

Okay, if this new upgrades grants london surgeons 100 hp heals at 100 mind/spirit (which should be reasonable considering you only need high spirit for 100 hp augumented poultices), then I'd be all for this change

However, if this means that bare minimum london surgeons operate only as well as Lima surgeons, and london doesn't get a boost somewhere else, and with 100 mind/spirit one only gets the boost to healing that you've just taken away....well, then first aid only will look more and attractive.


From: Trample Monday, December 07, 08:50PM

Fairfax- I see it the other way around when you mention spam gear. I think the mud is heading towards pure classes. And Tarn is right, if that happens one would be foolish to make a surgeon to begin with. Which is a shame because they are my favorit char type here on legend.

But anyway, grouping needs to be encouraged, period. So I'm all for pure healers, Maybe if healers were smart and refused to heal without compensation of some sort, healers would become a bit more needed and wanted. You may think this is a rude comment, but why heal someone when they have done nothing for you, and don't have plans to do anything but leech your skills and go level while you sit at an inn and hope to find a group for xp purposes. Then maybe we'll see some more true druids arouond, I see very, VERY few of those these days. But hey, it's just my opinion, ignore it if you wish. ;)


From: Davien Monday, December 07, 09:06PM

Its been heading that way for a long time now. A lot of people come to the inn and then yell 'Are there any healers around'. In the past there have been people nice enough to do it. Now it seems like players expect to be healed just because they are injured.

As to spam gear... skill trees was -supposed- to remove spam gear from the game if I remember right. I recall something about stat changes taking time to come into effect. But my memory is getting worse these days so I could be wrong.

Also if I read the post from Rufus right.. london surgeons with the min stats will heal just the same as they are now. However if they decide to sacrifice other stats for mind/spr, then there operations will be more effective. Wrong there, should be thier. If I'm wrong in my interpretation.... I am sure someone will set me straight. Sounds like a great change the way I read it.

Davien Holyoake.

From: McDonald Monday, December 07, 10:36PM

I thought Rufus was pretty clear that london surgeons with just enuf spir mind to perform surgery will be like they were before the upgrade, and I assume won't get all the benefit of the upgrade till they have 100 mind 100 spirit?

From: Rufus Tuesday, December 08, 01:15AM

Basically, you get 5% chance per skill level. The bonuses are flat, therefore a parry bonus of 10 on an object increases your parrying ability by 10%.

However... the following are all considered when calculating parry: Weight of your weapon
Weight of the attacking weapon
Size of your weapon
Size of the attacking weapon
Type of weapon you are using
Type of weapon the attacker is using

Basically, parry/backstab are generally diametrically opposed. The weapons that parry the best are poor or incapable of backstabbing, the weapons that backstab the best are poor or incapable of parrying.


From: Dagmar Tuesday, December 08, 03:50PM

Ok, let do this short.

The new changes srewed me up. Yeah I am from London with min stat reqs on surgery. And I am proud.

I am not here to complain.

Just think that London is gonna be downgraded too much unless a 100min/spr surgeon actually gets a really good surgery (read better than it is now).

Cause if you are from London (and unable to use magic or druid skills) mind and spirit is worth nothing but surgery.

Of course it is fun to be a surgeon, but haveing to spend half of your stat points just be able to do some decent surgery is evil unless it is really decent.

Oh well, is it too late to change your hometown? -snicker-

Dagmar Wilkins, military surgeon And oh well, it is not always possible to find a group to operrate, which can be frustrating if you can kill nothing on your own. guess i'll have to go pure dex no perc. Which will suck, heh of course I wont be affected about lousy surgery course i'll have to aid my self as usual.

Aid btw has a freaking irritating lag, but i do perfectly understand why is has to be there.

Oh oh. I said too much, I am not suposed to be that talky.


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