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Posted by McDonald on 12/08

After reading the last LT I wanted to check out these weapons with a Parry bonus. From what ive found these weapons that have the bonus, cant be used to backstab. Now I understand the logic behind this, a foil being long and thin, it might be hard to backstab someone. On the other hand, I don't see anyone using these weapons, except maybe for ppl whose rp doesnt allow them to backstab. I mean heck Im using a con weapon now, but am thinking of switching to dex just for backstab. These weapons were pretty crappy before so I dont think they would be overpowered with backstab ability.

Couple of questions, would a parry bonus help someone with expert parry more than someone with basic parry or the other way around? Would both players get equal benefit?

Do skills go up around 5 percent in efficency every level? How much do they go up?

From: McDonald Tuesday, December 08, 02:07AM

Thanks for the explanation Rufus. From your explanation it sounds like that some con and str weapons, such as a quarterstaff, would be better parrying weapons than a dex weapon that is good for backstabbing.

Personally Id use a practice on an advanced armslore skill that maybe told size of weapon, and some data about how suitable it is to parry in general, and maybe something about how it would do against certain types of weapons Maybe just an update to armslore? Maybe something to add with skilltrees anyway.

I would guess that having a heavy weapon would help parry against another heavy weapon, but generally the weight would tend to lower the parry ability?

Really like parry btw. Thanks for coding it.

From: Tsagoi Tuesday, December 08, 05:26AM

Hmmm, how bout having an armslore that told more if you had forge, or if in skilltrees, weaponsmithing?

-Da Mime

From: Fright Tuesday, December 08, 04:00PM

I like the idea of advanced armslore, might give fighters something to spend practices on, except some of them are too stupid to even get the first one I guess. :P

I suppose there are mage spells that will tell me all I want to know tho.



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