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Posted by Rufus on 12/09

okay... how's this for a compromise:

London surgeons get bonuses as before EXCEPT where perception is concerned (eg, that will not factor into the 'bonus' of the skill). The drop here is actually really minor.

However... surgeons will be slightly less effective when operating on someone dancing around a whole lot (read: fighting) basically, approx 20% less effective.

Third change... Operating on a sleeping patient will never cause them to bleed.

The goal here (along with giving druids a slight boost) is to hopefully encourage druids AND surgeons... my last change to surgery kinda dropped the effectiveness of druids through the floor, so I hope this compromise will satisfy most people.


From: Tsagoi Tuesday, December 08, 05:24PM

Oooh, I like.

-Da Mime

From: FireHorse Tuesday, December 08, 05:25PM

This is a good set of ideas Rufus, but there's one other thing I would suggest personally. That is that is the stat bonus were combined with a level bonus for hp healed, it would encourage people to give high level Londoners a go, and perhaps help reduce the ever-heard calls for midlevel Londoners.

I suggest this because if not I think what we'll end up with is too many spammers, and a level bonus would be good for non-spamming London fighter-surgeons (chars I happen to rather like) =)

From: Rufus Tuesday, December 08, 06:14PM

I very much like this suggestion... however, I can't exactly justify giving surgeons any more healing power based on level, and I'd assume downgrading lower level surgeons would not be met with much approval so... do you have any suggestions?


From: Tarn Tuesday, December 08, 06:58PM

Thanks for listening to us London surgeons :)

I like the way the changes sound, they make sense, am looking forward to seeing how they work in practice.


From: Tsagoi Tuesday, December 08, 07:54PM

Nothing too big, but you could reduce chance of bleeding depending on lvl.

From: Oxalis Tuesday, December 08, 10:04PM

I'm not really clear why you can't increase healing power based on level unless you mean that healing would simply be too powerful in comparison to other skills. As far as 'realism' or consistency goes it makes perfect sense to me that more experienced sugeons woulld do a better job. Also, I don't think that reducing healing power for lower level surgeons -slightly- would be a disaster, since it trades off against the smaller % of xp they take.


From: T-Bone Tuesday, December 08, 10:31PM

I believe he means that lower level surgeons would need to be downgraded rather than high level being improved. It would also mean that other types of healers should also be treated the same. Imagine being a low level healer trying to level off others when your healing ability just doesn't cut it.

From: Tad Wednesday, December 09, 05:42AM

seems to me theres a big reason that sugery shouldn't be increased more... as it stands, I've seen london surgeons do 100 hit point heals in three surgeries... thats less than half the mana it takes a druid to get a 100 point poutlice (-assuming- they've got 100 spirit... and I'm not sure this surgeon had more than minimum stats) in about the same time, and doesn't take any herbs, to boot. Increasing surgeons any more would pretty much leave druids in the dust, it seems.

then again, i don't think you should be able to do surgery on a fighting person at all.


From: T-Bone Wednesday, December 09, 07:05AM

Augmenters do heal quicker though, 4 rounds for 100 hps vs 6 for a surgeon? I dunno, could always increase the mana cost.

From: Fairfax Wednesday, December 09, 10:54AM

Actually, the way I see it, the demise of the 100 spi druid came mainly from the change in augment, rather than any change in operate. While I was involved in ShadowLands, for example, there was always a demand for someone who could heal lots in bulk, rather than someone who could heal in little spurts. A surgeon will never be able to transform a dying fighter into a killing machine as fast as a druid can, ever.

I'm not saying remove the augment sliding scale - I think it's great that people with 60 spi can finally get some decent healing out of the skill - but 100 spi druids need a bigger boost to bring them above the 60 spi druids.. as it is, a 40 hp difference in poultice does not justify going all out to spend another 40 stat points on spirit. I never had a 100 spi druid, so I may be laughed at for my opinion, but I DID want to make one, and decided against it due to the change in augment, not the change in surgery.

I can suggest ways on how the 100 spi druid can be revived..

would it be possible, for example, to provide non-hp related benefits to 80, 90 and 100 spi druids by reducing the mana cost of a poultice as the spirit is higher? And perhaps giving 100 spi druids a flat out 100 hps worth of healing.. maybe with a random chance to do more, like 110 or 120?.. If they are to be the ultimate healer on the MUD, giving them a random 100-ish poultice does not provide enough incentive to go the full 100 spi, when you could always spam to 60 spi and do a decent above-50 poultice. By giving 100 spi druids a cutting edge over the spam druids, it would encourage the old school of druids to remain deep in the art of druid lore, rather than just toy with the minimum stats required to use the skills. The rationale of giving similar boosts to 90 and 80 spi druids is to encourage a sliding scale, and let some druids try out 80 spi, like it and move on to 90 and 100, as 100 spi is really a HUGE sacrifice of stat points just to heal an additional 40hps per poultice.

Hope that came out clear.. I think I lost my train of thought for a while there.. sorry


M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Melanie Wednesday, December 09, 11:29PM

I kinda agree with Tsagoi about lowering the chances of bleeding depending on your level. It'd be somewhat understandable to see a rookie surgeon to not do as good of a job as the more experienced veteran surgeon. But even though I am one of those fighter/Spice Girl(entrancer)/surgeons, I'd at least expect myself to learn something about perfecting surgery during the past 20-30+ levels:P

-Melanie C aka Sporty Spice


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