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Posted by Riptide on 12/09

Would it be possible to make infravision a bit more effective? My idea for the spell is this: due to the nature of infravision (seeing the infrared) it seem that one would be able to detect the presence of hidden and invis people. My thoughts are: make invis people able to be detected with infravision (but not identifiable... ie: someone stands here... or something to do with seeing the heat from their body. It might be a bit unbalancing if one could attack 'somebody'... so just make their presence able to be detected, but their identity would remain unknown. It might give a bit of a kick in the pants for this pretty useless spell -not completely useless, but mostly unused- I think there should be a chance that the person will not notice as well even though infravision is on so mebbe if perc could be factored into the successful detection of invis people.


From: Mo Tuesday, December 08, 11:46PM

mmm. infravision being another spectrum of light, it'll be weird to have invisible (not being detected by any spectrum of light, since they go through) noticeable with infrared. but i do think it's a tad bit unfair for non-mages have absolutely 0 chance of detecting somebody that's hiding (makes it pretty easy for mages to gain initiative against non-mages, or hide from them) and maybe nightvision or some other skill could allow for at least a marginal chance of detect hidden. Hell, maybe we should make the see invis and det. hid not fool-proof, and have it dependant on something or another :p

From: Giordano Wednesday, December 09, 12:04AM

I thought that very high perc gave a chance of detecting hidden? Or is that only sneak?

From: Tsagoi Wednesday, December 09, 06:46AM

It's only sneak, but it would be nice to be able to see hidden with high perc and/or nightvision, or at least have a chance to.

-Da Mime

From: Anakin Wednesday, December 09, 07:32AM

I think there is a resonable way to allow non-mages to detect hidden. It only takes a builder with the right combination of area and item creation to make a detect hidden affect item.

Personaly I think that would be a good idea.



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