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Posted by T-Bone on 12/11

Just wondering why rage was changed and why it wasn't mentioned on the welcome board.

It may not seem worth mentioning but it seems I may have wasted yet another prac on it.

Why should one with a high damage weapon and high damroll get a bigger % bonus from rage than someone with low str? They'd already get a lot more from rage how it used to be.

From: Sandra Wednesday, December 09, 08:24AM

Rage was changed sometime when the fight system was changed and bash was made for str, headbutt for con, etc. Rage is a strength fighter's skill, and of course, a strength fighter would get more of a benefit from it.

The only other change that's happened to rage, recently, is that you can't rage once already raging.


From: T-Bone Wednesday, December 09, 09:26AM

Yeah but my point is, they get more benefit from it wielding a heavier weapon along with their damroll, add 30% to that compared with 30% to like half the damage and they still benefit a lot more without the change.

May I ask what % someone with low str gains from it?

From: Rufus Wednesday, December 09, 10:19AM

more than 0, less than 30.


From: T-Bone Wednesday, December 09, 10:40AM

Well, that's handy to know..

I don't recall there being reimbursment or mention of the change. -ponder- -shrug- not quite enough for me to perma yet, keep trying!

From: Mo Wednesday, December 09, 12:47PM

mmm. no wonder papercut couldn't hit the damcap with rage.

From: Splerk Wednesday, December 09, 05:20PM

-ponders fight skills-

-sees rage, bash and elbow for strenght-

-sees kick, choke and backstab for dex-

-sees headbutt, warcry and _____ for con-

-wonders why con doesn't get a 3rd skill-

SplErK! -jump- -BonK- -snarl-

From: Mo Wednesday, December 09, 05:27PM

elbow is defensively based on con, and so's choke :p so be happy with what you've got :p

From: Tony_Stark Wednesday, December 09, 07:56PM

One of the head imms told me, choke was dex vs dex + str. Lessen im misremembering.

From: Agni Wednesday, December 09, 10:12PM

nah, it's dex vs. con and little str, but with dex you can tumble it.

From: T-Bone Thursday, December 10, 12:14PM

Seems con has only headbutt now, con/str types tell me they're getting real long para's. With 100 con 45 str I'm getting just 3 round para's (on mobs) and they occur so infrequently it's ridiculous. The last 2 mobs: 1 in 28 and 3 in 30!

From: Wittekind Friday, December 11, 04:53PM

Yeah rage is way unfair, its not a str skill, its a mindset, its the fight er choosing to throw all hsi energy into his attack, and unable to flee, i ts a percantage, not a straight bonus, unless thats different too.

Str fighters already get more damage, so the percantage should go even acr oss the board, and it will still accrue advantage to the str fighter, but will be worth using, and will make inspire risky a gain. It wasnt put on the boards because it was a bad change.

From: Rufus Friday, December 11, 07:14PM

It -was- put on the boards back when the fight system changes went in.


From: Darkheart Friday, December 11, 07:15PM

it makes perfect sense to me that a stronger person going berserk has more muscle to draw from, than a puny 5 year old throwing a fit. the more muscle you have, the more you hold in reserve -- simply because your body is not designed to function under certain conditions regardless of the muscle mass you have. however, when inhibitions are thrown out of the window, the people with more muscle will certainly have far more to draw from.

in terms of game balance, rage being equal across the board would give 30 damroll to everyone, who already have additional advantage of being able to hit more, or last longer. not to mention those that won't even lose rage -- con fighters who are headbutt proof. It is quite unfair already that str fighters can't seriously rage against a con fighter -- making rage give equal bonuses across the board would only compound on this.

From: T-Bone Friday, December 11, 07:40PM

It isn't or at least shouldn't be the equivilant of 30 damroll, it should be applied afterwards meaning yes it would be like 30 damroll for one with 0 damroll but it would be 30% on top of the 50 damroll a str fighter already has.

That's why they already gain from it without the sliding scale. If it remains as is, at least give it a str fighters stat req so others don't make the mistake of wasting a prac on it.

From: Darkheart Friday, December 11, 08:30PM

it has a str req, which is roughly the same as the req for bash. and just because you can learn bash doesn't mean you'll benefit from it.

same goes for rage. a lot of skills here have minimum reqs that are rather non-telling when it comes down to its likelihood of being useful, so i don't think it's too much a surprise when rage happens to fall in the same category. also, non-str do reap benefit from raging, although it may not be as great.


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