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Bind in mobkill

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Posted by Lelu on 12/13

It seems mobkill might of been overlooked in the resent code changes to bind. I think that it was over looked that most mobs have high str. I feel this is unfair to those of use that use bind in mobkill. It makes the spell prety much worthless.

I was just wondering if there is any chance that this could be changed for mobkill. Personaly i don't understand why it was changed at all. Pkillers than lack the mind or sink to stop bind should just carry around a dispell vial with them.


From: Ma Friday, December 11, 05:52PM

-nod- str has too much going for it already.

From: Davien Saturday, December 12, 12:18AM

The same could be said for a lot of other changes. Take stun, now we have to have 10 more mind than the opponent. This means that for about half (probably mnore) of the level 50 mobs in the game you can kiss good bye the chance of wfw stunning them. This also hurts create mages MUCh more as they can't reduce the mind of their opponent. The mages that were favoured to fight the Demon-Kings are now a whole lot less useful. (I admit I have conflicting reports on the Demon-Kings mind at this point. I do note that against him I have a 20% chance of backlash, 20% of wfw and 60% normal result with 100 mind.) I wonder if things like this have been thought of? I certainly hope so, and hope to see some mobs lose their 110 mind status and us creates get an idiocy spell.

Davien Holyoake.

From: Ma Saturday, December 12, 06:41AM

Yep, another change not carefully thought through. Neither the 10 mind difference or 60 mind req was neccessary.

From: Ishtar Saturday, December 12, 07:10AM

I have no problem with either requirement, but it would make sense if some more mobs, even human mobs, had less than 100 mind. If players mind can go as low as 25 while still allowing them to function it doesn't make much sense that all human mobs are super intelligent just because they are human. Speaking of which, I seem to remember that a while ago some animal mobs had their mind reduced on the grounds that it was unrealistically high and couldn't be justified on dumb animals.

If I'm right in remembering that it seems a bit strange that a 100 mind ( I think) high level animal mob was put in one of the new areas. Maybe that could be looked at. I can't help stunning it out of habit, even though I don't use stun on human mobs =P


From: Timer Saturday, December 12, 08:37AM

Unfortunately it's just another example of pkill considerations being allowed to dictate decisions affected everyone...

And like Ishtar, I fail to understand why so many "human" mobs are given 100 mind, or even 110? It is simply wrong..

From: Rufus Saturday, December 12, 03:35PM

I've put a max on it... so that it works up to a point but further strength doesn't give added advantage (no, I'm not giving the max out)...

It will be in next fri.


From: Tony_Stark Saturday, December 12, 04:31PM

Face it the mobs here suck, they tend to just get high hp and 100 in all stats, and maybe some specials that are really lame. Instead of a bit of ingenuity on the builders part. Mobs should be a bit more intelligent than to let players go one room away and heal up. If mobs tended to seek out their aggressors we could afford for them to have more realistic stats.

From: LadyAce Sunday, December 13, 06:30PM

I wanted to toss in -- if there are mobs which you feel should not have the stats that they have, please point them out. It is easy for builders to adjust their works-in-progress, and those built after a given change, but those done before present something of a different task. It's worth doing, of course, but unless we have specific instances pointed out to us, we're less likely to put our energies into those old files. You could report these mobs using 'typo' -- it's not the same as a mispelling, but the 'typo' file is the closest one, for small changes like mob stats.



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