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HP upon Leveling

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Posted by Tiamat on 12/14

In the last few days One the newbie I have made I have noticed that I have been getting really low rolls upon leveling. Now I know that the character in question ahs atleast a 33 con based on the order I picked my stats, so I'd like to know has the code in regards to hit points gained upon leveling been chaged at all?

With my newbie I gained 2,3,2 and 2 hit points with each of the levels I have gained, considerin my con must be atleast 33 and from what I know about the equipment I am wearing it has been atleast 33 each time I leveled so I am wondering why the roll have been so low. I know I am not the only one who has encountered this, in conversation with other players they too have commented the HP they have gotten upon leveling seems low. It would be nice if this could be examined.


From: Timer Saturday, December 12, 08:40AM

I agree with Tiamat, I have had characters getting -noticeably- lower hp than usual 4 times in sequence now!

It could of course be just bad luck, but when a 100 con char gets just 8 hp, that -never- has happened before, and then a 60 con char just gets 4 hp, and then -other- people report the same problem, I start wondering..

Anyway, I have now been told an investigation has been requested, so I hope it will put some light on the matter...

I still wanted to post it here, to point out that Tiamat's experience isn't an -isolated- event :)

From: Zhang-Fei Saturday, December 12, 09:38AM

100 con characters hit a new low.. 7hp =(

I really hope there was a mistake..


From: Gran Saturday, December 12, 11:49AM

A 100 con char only gets 7 hp???

Now I really think there must be something wrong..

From: Mandarb Saturday, December 12, 12:05PM

You have to remember guys, the ammount of con is not the only consideration. Level is also a big one. 1 con point is worth, give or take 4 hp at level 50, but nowhere near that at low levels. Therefore, alot of this info does no good for the sole reason that you neglected to tell them your level. Have fun.


From: Timer Saturday, December 12, 01:11PM

Mandarb, you really shoudn't presume that -all- people -by default- are dumber than you! :P

Of course I told them the level concerned when I reported what happened!

My 100 con char got 8 hp when levelling to lv 44, and never got so little at lower levels, not since 100 con was reached. My 60 con char got 4 hp when levelling to lv 21, and hasn't -got- so little for ages, although being at lower level...

I should think that most of us who reported what happened understand the level thing just as well as you do..

From: Splerk Saturday, December 12, 02:20PM

-hit level 50 a few days ago-

-has just completed the hp quests-

-has had 100 con since level 10-

-still has 100 con-

-has no minus hp gear-

-has 547 hitpoints with 100 con at level 50-

-got 8,8,7,8 hp his last 4 levels-


From: Daedelus Saturday, December 12, 06:04PM

Yah.. Con was my second choice and around level 8 I'm getting TWO and THREE hp levels.. thats just obscene....

I'm tempted to hold off on leveling entirely until this is tinkered with.. of course my con will be higher at levle 50.. but using this projected estimate.. We are looking at 150-190 hp at level 50..


From: Alchise Saturday, December 12, 09:59PM

Yeah, it certainly seems lower than it used to be.

From: Mo Saturday, December 12, 10:16PM

nod, it's is lower, i lvlled roughly 4 newbies today, and it seems that they're all getting hps that are way lower than usual, and from my projections, a 40 con char would end up with near 200 hps :p (as opposed to roughly 340).

I've basically stopped lvlling newbies, but i seriously think there should be a filter introduced for chars that lvlled during this period. In general, it looks like ppl got cheated roughly 3-4 pts per lvl, and that would have a major impact in at least pk. (let's say a 100con char lvls with 7.5 pts per, which gives him 20 + 367.5 + 15 = 402.5 hps at lvl 50.. a far, far, far cry from the roughly 565ish hps that seemed to be the minimum-ish for older 100 con, lvl 50 chars)


From: Zhang-Fei Saturday, December 12, 11:47PM

If it's any help, I got 9,8,7 for levels 47,48,49 at 100 con. I still don't think level has anything to do with it. If I had 100 con at level 10, I should still get roughly the same range of hp per level as a level 45 or so.. or maybe I'm wrong.


From: Mo Saturday, December 12, 11:55PM

lvl does influence how much con you gain per lvl, i think, simply because 1 extra con at lvl 1 doesn't give you the same amount of hps that extra con would had you been lvl 50. but still, at lvls 47+, that difference should be at most 1 pt.

From: Ceri Sunday, December 13, 12:14AM

I don't claim to know anytihng about the codes or the procedures. All I know is that I have leveled a few ties in the last few days. I am now a level 24 with a con of 43 and I got 3 hps last level I got 1. maybe that's the way it's suppposed to be, i'm not sure, but it didn't help me much :(

From: Tsagoi Sunday, December 13, 05:19AM

Lvl doesn't affect hp when levelling, the extra hp you get when you wear con gear at highlev is factoring in the extra con for all your levels.

From: Rufus Sunday, December 13, 02:09PM

see welcome board.


From: Ea! Sunday, December 13, 06:03PM

By the way, thanks for reporting this one, everyone.

It was a sneaky little bug, but we squashed it.


From: Tiamat Sunday, December 13, 06:23PM

Kewl, now I hope on rerolls my newbie will end up with more than 32 hits at level 5 :-)


From: Mo Sunday, December 13, 06:56PM

hopefully i'll get to reroll too, looks like i caught the tail end of that bug :p

From: Zara Monday, December 14, 01:53AM

Thank you.

My reroll increased my HP's by around 50%, from 98 to 141.



From: Splerk Monday, December 14, 11:54AM

-went from 547 to 551 hitpoints on the reroll-

-seems destined to have lousy hitpoints at 100 con-

-will live with it though-

-thanks coder type people for fixing it-



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