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Posted by Dusk on 12/23

I realize that you are sick of hearing people complain Rufus. But I just wanted to infer about this whole damaging of EQ thing.

I realize while being ingulfed in flames, you are gonna be, well singed. But to the extent of losing 5 items per fight, and having my ac drop from -97 to -40 in one fight! -sigh- I am running away from mages now, not cuz I can't kill them, but because I am sick of replacing my equipment, and finding t-formers. At least 20 items are damaged per fight, and they are knocked down to at least minorly damaged. Of course the only people with protection from fire are the people who are throwing the flames, so that doesn't matter much.

Could this damage be tweaked down a bit??? -beg- It is sickening to see your equipment fall off after one firestorm/immolate. -sigh-

A singed and smoldering Dusk

From: Timer Saturday, December 12, 01:23PM

Well if you weren't so rude to people and telling them to shut up all the time on public channels, maybe it would be easier for you to find a trueformer..

Playing an evil character doesn't give one the right to be rude to people OOC :(

From: Dusk Saturday, December 12, 04:19PM

What on earth are you talking about?? If i were nicer to people, they won't firestorm me?????? -whap- Or i may get more t-form???

Your missing the point, and I am mean to nobody ooc!!! Do I e-mail you to make fun??? to anyone??? I keep everying IC, remember that.

From: Oxalis Saturday, December 12, 07:30PM

Its pretty obvious what Timer was talking about 'if you weren't so rude to people......it would be easier to find a trueformer'.

Being logged into the game doesn't automatically make everything you do or say ic. If you tell people to shut up, order them to turn their triggers off etc I hardly think people are going to interpret it as RP.

As far as item damage goes it sounds too much, although in reality probably all equip would be damaged in you are engulfed in flames, I think obviously you can't carrying realism to the extent that it causes serious problems in the game, especially if items are actually being lost during the fight.

From: Osiris Wednesday, December 23, 03:46AM

Dusk annoying? Now where is that logic coming from? -cackle- -follows Dusk blindly into battle-



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