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Posted by Mo on 12/13

Just had an interesting debate on the use of clan channels, and although i personally have known the dos and do-nots, nowhere could i find any documentation dictating that clan channels are, as a matter of fact public channels, and not some superior form of gt. Also, during that it was pointed out that informing the newly clanned was the duty of the gm, again something that curiously lacked documentation.

As important as it may be to have coding and building improvement and changes, documentation should be given more a priority than such, as it is the law of the land, something that ensures the morts that imms cannot act on a whim (which, unfortunately, happens, as you can easily see ppl getting an actual warning for something that others only get verbally warned for, or something that doesn't even get considered an offense-- once an imm was 'testing' something on a clanned target of mine on this port, and restored him after i had attacked him, and 'warned' me not to continue attacking-- something another imm i've talked to didn't think was a big deal, etc)

It is to my understanding that admins are supposed to be doing the documenting and stuff, but it seems to be the trend that most imms, regardless of what they apply for in the first plays, end up spending most of their time building or coding, meeting their online time quota (or presence requirement, whatever) doing something entirely unrelated (unless they submitted a builder proposal at the same time?). I understand this is a volunteer job, one that doesn't get much thanks out of, but still, i don't see the job part being done as much as it could be.


From: Sandra Sunday, December 13, 04:33PM

- No sexually explicit or strong cursing language on public channels. This includes CHAT, INFO, AUCTION, clan channels, and on public boards. Upon occasion a chat conference that has the tag [adult] may be created by an immortal, and [adult] conferences may make use of stronger language. [Adult] conferences must be explicitly joined by the individual, and hence listening to one implies acceptance of the language there.

- Offering quest solutions, mob or equipment stats, locations of skill teachers or spell words, or any other 'secret' in-game information (including the passwords and trans mobs of other clans) over public channels (info, chat, etc.) or by posting on public or clan boards is cheating. We officially discourage the posting of such information on web pages or through clan mailing lists.

From: Sandra Sunday, December 13, 04:42PM

And lets not forget:

10. In-game information (such as mob or item stats, quest solutions, etc.) may not be placed on public channels or boards (including clan boards, this includes the passwords and trans mobs of other clans). (See HELP CHEAT).

Yes, Admin is in charge of keeping the help files up to date. These have been in since at least Nov 30th(I say at least, because that is the last time I updated the files on my home machine).

So, what is the question?

Also, yes, the GM of a clan is responsible for the rules regarding their clan, that includes the clan channels and boards.

From: Darkheart Sunday, December 13, 04:46PM

Enlighten me as to where those help files where hidden, because last I checked, clan channels weren't included. Also, do tell me where the GM responsibility files are, those eluded me the past two times my characters served as GM.

From: Sandra Sunday, December 13, 04:48PM

Help rules, help harassment, help language and help cheat.

GMs are leaders, they need to keep their clan in line, that includes telling them the dos and don'ts of that clan. Or did you think it was just to let you use more commands than the other members?

I apologize for my tone, but you know, its rather difficult to get everything done that everyone wants done, when no matter what we do, there's someone bitching about it. So far I'm coding, building, doing my admin work, and some pr as well when I'm visible. So please, don't give me the 'I don't see the job part being done as much as it could be'. I spend upwards of 12 hours a day here working on one thing or another and yes, that comment annoyed the hell out of me.

From: Dusk Sunday, December 13, 05:29PM

12 hours a day?!?!?! ACK! You know their is help groups for that sort of thing. :)

From: Darkheart Sunday, December 13, 05:56PM

Not to be overly argumentative, as it could be just forgetting to update the files, but the documentation you have shown in 51 1 does not exist in the helpfiles you have mentioned above.

Also, it is to my understanding that GMships change without notice of imms, and sometimes even without the GM willingly giving up their post. Moreover, as there is no documentation regarding a GM's duties nor what one is allowed to do on clan channels, telling them of rules that doesn't exist can hardly be their responsibility.

From: Sandra Sunday, December 13, 06:16PM

Funny, I cut and pasted that right from the help files online. Maybe you should look again.

And whether or not GMs change, they are still in charge of their clan. That means letting their clanmates know what to do. Or do GMs not give their clanmates things like trans mobs and their password anymore? Rules of their clan board and channel go right along with that.


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