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Posted by Mo on 12/15

Not sure what you mean by having a max chance. When we tested it out, it looked like low str chars actually had a higher chance of breaking bind than high str chars.

Just out of curiosity, now that bind is somewhat of a stat-to-stat spell besides mind, any chance that a 100 mind bind would require at least as much str to even have a shot at breaking? It seems awfully unfair given that bind can backlash unto the caster, fail, AND be easily broken by ppl with less than 40 str, even.


From: Kevin Sunday, December 13, 08:33PM

I think the str it takes to break the bind should be equal to the mind of the caster. I also think that a failed attempt to break it should set you to resting or have the same lag as casting bind.


From: Fright Monday, December 14, 05:32PM

I used bind on a 43str character today, that didn't even notice it because it did nothing. By the time I got unlagged from casting he had run 9 rooms and rented. (and it was a sucessful bind)

Is this spell even useful anymore?


From: LadyAce Tuesday, December 15, 01:10PM

The coders found a bug in bind which was causing the problem you reported above. They're fixing it.



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