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Posted by Kevin on 12/14

This is one of the best examples of over compensation i have seen yet. Mages were getting ripped up by fighters so what do they do about it? They make an item that neutralizes fighters specials.

Being strength con i now have one special that i can use against those wearing the fish shape. Warcry. Hooray for me. Yes I can kick and choke but with my low dex they are worthless against dex type people who are the majority of those wearing the shape.

People are saying it makes you suceptable to other things but have you really read the list? Chopping attacks? Tangle attacks?

Who in their right mind uses a tomahawk in pkill? Being a little more suceptable to the attacks from a sword does not make up for taking away all of a fighters specials. If this item stays it better be unreal rent or at least lose one of the special immunities. I dont think that mages ripping fighters apart is any better than fighters whos rip mages apart. Why can they never meet in the middle?

President of C.A.F.S. (Citizens Against Fish Shapes),

Kevin Nash

From: Raskolnikov Sunday, December 13, 09:33PM Uhm- be lucky....the item has been in for awhile and I had aabout 6 of them that had no ill efffects, 1k rent and were non_human and legless

I was pretty P.O.'d that my pfile was changed because some of us had the forthought to keep a bunch of the buggers

From: T-Bone Sunday, December 13, 09:56PM Ya, they been that way for yearrrrrs, I'll probably keep one, not to fight in but to escape alternating bashers waiting outside my clan trans mobs :P

-also had heaps in storage but someone seems to think they were better than +10 overall stat items & blinding wormys- I know what I'd prefer!

From: Darkheart Sunday, December 13, 11:05PM heaps in storage, meaning, spread along among alts and warrant for deletion if caught passing them about? ;)

they have been there for ages, no doubt, but they also used to muzzle the person wearing them, among others. I think it's only fair to have fishshape disable certain skills in part of their wearers -- if they're legless, hard for them to kick, and similar arguments for bash, choke, elbow, etc. etc. Currently it seems that the wearer of the said item can perform the skills they are immune to.

From: T-Bone Monday, December 14, 01:46AM Naw, heaps in storage for others to use.. o'course I had others store some for me too.

From: North Monday, December 14, 08:14AM Gee, I wonder if Rufus forgot to make the wearer suceptible to anything... never had that many effects on me before =P



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