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Posted by Darkheart on 12/16

Just figured I'd write a few things about it while the memory is rather fresh.

Although I think the new system is rather discouraging at the very first level and at levels beyond 40 or so, it is definately an improvement in the other level ranges. As a mage, I have been able to level myself without aid (by sacrificing a spell level to learn a combat skill) at a pace almost comparable to fighter chars, and found it a very definite departure from the old system where it was quite difficult (especially when everything revolved around dex -- i recall one of my characters levelling by repeating the aladdin's lamp quest simply because it was faster) to level on your own.

Even grouping at lower levels seem to have definite payoffs, unlike the situation at higher levels. Personally I think it's due to the lack of stock level 50 mobs, and that level 50 mobs are usually found in isolation -- and when they are found in groups, they tend to assist each other or have other unfavorable surroundings that tend to make gaining xp harder.

I am wondering if HoL could be restored to its original, non-linked status, simply because it will improve grouping (most mobs there, it is more favorable fighting them in groups rather than solo) a bit. Also, if possible, some areas could have more high level mobs that are in proximity to each other -- maybe boost the lustful souls' number, but tone down their aiding, or introduce a few more warriors in the dun, more animals in bengal, and maybe even a few whales in the pacific.

From: T-Bone Monday, December 14, 01:48AM

You're mad, every level's slower now.

Didn't you solo lvl 50s at low levels under the old system?

From: LadyAce Monday, December 14, 01:11PM

Thanks, Darkheart, for an excellent evaluation of the xp scale and mob situation. I agree with many of your comments -- the HOL idea is a great suggestion, and the subject is being investigated.


From: Ronnie Monday, December 14, 01:50PM

Adding to the idea of new mobs, I think that there are too few midlevel mobs out there. There are maybe 4 places where people are killing mobs, and those are impossibly crowded unless your here at 5 am. Maybe the mobs in different areas could be made mid-level, or new mobs added? Its disheartening to see all these neat areas with the detailed room descripti that are almost completely empty all day, while people while away they're time in WWI, africa, or the opera house staking out the rooms where the mobs repop.

From: Fright Monday, December 14, 02:21PM

Some thoughts on this post:

- Unlinking HOL would be a great idea I think, dunno why it was linked in the first place

- Ronnie hits it bang on, there are really not enough mobs from the level 20-40 range, where you can kill from 10-30 mobs in a row without needing to rest. (No the solution isn't to make these mobs harder) But with most players in that range now, there just aren't enough mobs to go around. (I've managed to get a character to level 20 in 8-9 hours in this system, its a lot easier at low level IMHO) Once you hit 20th tho, everyone up to 20 levels higher than you are killing the same mobs as you are tho.

- Spice up those areas that no one goes to except for 1 thing (skill, item, quest) Make some generic mobs (read: from 10-20 of the suckers) in the area that are good mid-high range level, and that people will find it worthwhile killing. (maybe a mix of animals and humans?) Give them crappy eq (so no one gets rich quick) and make them average in combat, and average for xp.

- --MAJOR POINT-- Make killing higher level mobs worthwhile to lower level characters for xp. No reason to make levelling off 1 kill possible, but I don't see why you shouldn't level off 5 kill of 5 50th level mobs if you are level 25. (or something around there) I know there is a problem with powerlevelling in that case. Solutions might be to require the low level character to do 100% of the damage to recieve xp if he is grouped with a high level. (bad plan I know, but I know someone out there has a good idea for this)


From: Leonora Monday, December 14, 03:09PM

Lotsa nice ideas on this post.

An other one:

Make it worth less to kill mobs lower level than yourself For example if you are around level 45-50 it pays a lot better to kill mobs around 40-45, than actually on your own size.

This is considered loss in hp, amount of mobs etc.

I believe level 49'ers killing mobs 8 levels lower kinda destroys level 40'ers level posiblities (unless of course they kill level 35 mobs).

Plain easy to get to level 50 mobs just doesn't really pay to kill.

Leonora Christine

From: North Monday, December 14, 04:42PM

I don't know, some of the lv 50 mobs are "worth" my time to kill... just takes a little longer nowadays.


From: Oxalis Monday, December 14, 10:16PM

On this note I have a quick query about the 'updating' of level 50 mobs (ie upping their xp to reflect the fact that their difficulty is much greater than a perfect match at other levels). I sort of got the impression when the xp scale first went in that this was going to be done to pretty much every level 50 mob in the game on an area by area basis. But since the first areas were updated I haven't heard any more about it and was wondering if this is still going to be done? My level 50 characters basically kill only in 'updated' areas. Even if the extra xp is only 3-5k per mob it still adds up.

I also agree with the comment about midlevel mobs. I can get xp quite quickly at any level, but only by sticking to a few areas in the game. I don't live in the US and so usually get the mobs almost to myself at my active playing time when there are few players on, but I hate to think what its like trying to get xp at peak times.


From: Papercut Tuesday, December 15, 01:24AM

True, we can no longer solo cappies at 10 and lvl really easy, but when taking into account repop time on those stinking captains i think it's pretty close for low lvls (if not a lot faster until, say, 20something)

The shift has obviously been from quality to quantity, and I personally never had shortage at lower lvls -- i log on pacific time, and that does help, i guess -- and even with a lot of ppl on, there are a few things you can do to dominate runs, or, simply go afk and kill whenever you aren't busy (yeah, it racks up hours, but i do have an unlimited, tho segmented by 8 hrs, connection).

On another note, there does seem to be a shortage of bandage rolls and herbs whenever I log druid-types, and herbs are now way too renty compared to the xp you can get with them. Considering that the same amount of healing nets you roughly 1/5th xp compared to the old system, any chance that herb rent could be reduced to a similar degree? I have a couple newbies who like flavoring stuff to help them get around, but the rent is really steep at lower lvls.

Oh yeah, any chance HoL is going to expand soon? I know it's kinda cheesy, but it does seem a really easy way to beef up mob-count -- MORE CHARS IN HoL! :p


From: Rufus Tuesday, December 15, 06:15PM

I'm working on a way to give low level chars what the mob is actually worth (right now, if a level 25 kills a level 50 mob, they get less than what they would if they killed it at level 50). The way exp works, it creates some problems in grouping if I do this, so I'm workin' on it. However, there will probably not be a time when '5 kills to level' will be a reality unless a 25th level char can solo a shark (one of the big ones). Otherwise we'd need to raise the level 50 xp (standard) for mobs and then it results in what we had before... totally useless to kill anything but really high level mobs.


From: Mo Tuesday, December 15, 06:35PM

In reality, solo'ing a mob WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY above your level under this system is, I found, quite futile. Only chance you have against mobs like that are your specials -- better have something that does significant damage -- and even then, some mobs i've found can heal nearly 60 hps a tick (30 or so seems normal, but i only did check a few mobs, notably those in HoL). Seeing that you can't usually even hit the mob above your level, poisoning only helps creates...

In essence, there seems to be limited circumstances where solo'ing somebody higher is possible -- most often for chars with high dex. So I am not entirely in favor of making high lvl mobs be worth more.


From: Adolfus Tuesday, December 15, 06:56PM

Um, just because you cant solo lvl 50 mobs is no reason not to fix the scale. Need to get more for mobs 15 or so levels higher also. Not just lvl 50s. Not being able to kill lvl 50s is a good thing.

Right now i limit myself to are you crazy mobs, and dont get much of a bonus either.

From: Darkheart Wednesday, December 16, 04:11AM

Maybe I am just grossly ignorant, but it seems to me that a pretty good area to instantly introduce 40ish lvl 50 mobs would be the garden of Agrabah, by creating 40 thieves (or upgrading the tiny footpads that hide there) and maybe even a quick quest. That area would be pretty nifty for mobkill, as it loops (introducing 40 mobs with the same keyword, in addtion to the confusing roomnames, would really make it hell for hit/flee and some other things without having to make the mobs any harder).


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