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Posted by Adolfus on 12/15

Areas on legend have always, in my understanding, been built so that there would be a little bit for everyone. On the whole this is a good thing. Theres always a couple mobs for everyone to try in each area, but it doesn't make for good leveling. Now the areas on legend that are good for leveling, tend to have a good number of one mob, or different mobs the same level. WWI and WWII being notable examples, all the soldiers in WWI are pretty much the same level, and WWII has the privates, which there are plenty, so when you are near their level its a great area for leveling.

I think it would be a good idea, if all areas tended to specialize this way a bit. Of course one area can't be a great place for all levels to gain quick xp, because there would just be too many mobs crammed in there.

But it would be possible for a builder to go about building their area normally, then decide what level they want to specialize in, and add a goodly portion of mobs in a narrow range of levels. For example if you wanted it to be a good area for the lvl 20 range you could add 10 mobs for each level from 19 to 25. As it is now, most areas require one to do more looking for mobs to kill than actual killing.

Along the same lines, someone else mentioned putting in more whales in the oceans. This is a good idea, but to go further I think some work needs to be done on all the linking roads, similiar to the road from Klien to the Abbey.

There are few mobs in this area, and these areas need to be expanded somewhat I think. These roads are usually only one room wide, and its pretty hard to get lost on legend. A good example where this isnt the case, is the desert west of Agrabah, this is nice how its not just one room wide, but unfortunately theres few mobs here except for low level ones, but I guess this is because its a desert.

I also think this is more important than getting any one new area finished and installed. But on the other hand I wouldn't ask an imm to quit their projects to do this. Maybe Legend could accept proposals for this type of builder. One to work exclusively, at least at first, on expanding linking areas, and adding mobs to them.

Its amazing how balancing the system, and making it impossible to get good xp off high level mobs has changed the way we play this game. Before the changes WWI and WWII were definately not my favorite areas, but now i really like them.

Guess ive said enuf for now.


From: Splerk Tuesday, December 15, 12:34PM

-didn't go in WWI or WWII before the changes at all-
-got a lot of xp there in this system-
-thinks this proves the need for lots of same level mobs in close proximity to one another at ANY level-



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