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Posted by Rufus on 12/21

Okay, seems we have an overabundance of flame-based damage spells with only a few different ones (earthquake, harm, lightning bolt)... I'm about to code some other ones, some non-castable some castable perhaps, and I need ideas and don't want to have to resort to standard diku ones. What I would like is ideas on cold spells, other weird spells (maybe a 'tentacle' spell that does 'suction' and 'tangle' damage ... who knows).

Input via mudmail or e-mail (rufus@legendmud.org, rufus@ccsi.com) appreciated.

Maybe rewards in it too =)


From: T-Bone Thursday, December 17, 12:38PM

Umm, nothing specific as yet but could 2nd circle create get a single target damage spell? Not that it'd be of use to me with my cast level but anyways, 2nd circle cause seems to have a bunch. Too many perhaps, I can imagine most would stick to the one spell since they have no extra effects.

From: Zeus Thursday, December 17, 12:44PM

Good idea. And, while at it, can you re-do 'beam of pain' so that is appr approx. half the damage of immolate and half the mana cost -- right now it does like 16hp of damamge -- making it a joke to even cast it.


From: Rufus Thursday, December 17, 01:06PM

Create mages are, generally, not meant to have offensive spells, hence why you have to be 3rd circle before getting any offensive create spells.

As far as beam of pain... it's intended to be a low dam, low mana cost spell. For the 1/2 of an immolate, learn harm when young and use it, it's one of the few spells that grows in power with levels.


From: Darkheart Thursday, December 17, 01:33PM

So do you simply want ideas for names of spells, or word combination ideas, ideas for effects... or all of the above?

From: McDonald Thursday, December 17, 01:36PM

Harm I imagine requires high mind for the most efficiency right? Maybe if its full damage could be reached with only 60 or so mind it would be more useful, since there isnt much reason for 2nd circle to have high mind. Ie why try to do what a 3rd circle chars does, when your not as good at it.

From: Fright Thursday, December 17, 02:00PM

Don't have any ideas in particular atm, but I'd like to thank Rufus for clearly asking for mort's opinions/ideas. Its something that I feel isn't done often enough around here.

Thanks Rufus!


From: Rufus Thursday, December 17, 02:29PM

Harm is the only spell that requires only minimum amount of mind to be 100% effective. Its damage is based solely on level. (that's cast level, not actual level)


From: T-Bone Thursday, December 17, 03:10PM

Hmm, without offensive spells you're not left with a whole lot. I'm not sure if what you're saying is because create should "create" things such as dopples, armor etc but if so, I think a spell such as magic missile but under a different name, shard of ice or something could fit in with it.

I also hope some day that the total failing of spells may be removed and replaced with just cast level or order learnt and mind to determine spell damage so low level mages can actually level without building up fight stats first.

From: Siachet Monday, December 21, 09:42AM

Thats the first time I heard it said that create mages were not meant to have offensive spells, and I am curious about the logic behind it. Previously I'd only heard it said that create were meant to make objects rather than cause things to happen, which obviously makes sense. However, some create spells like poison and save of nausea are less create-like than a magic missile type spell. If create is not meant to have offensive spells I also don't see why this applies only to 2nd circle and not 3rd. I would like to see 2nd circle create have something they can use to directly do damage in some way to a single target even if not a 'conventional' offensive spell. I am building a 2nd circle create now and it is very tricky to get words first without having any damage spell, although admittedly a doppel if used carefully can help with the xp. Another thought is that with the big upgrade in 3rd circle summoning, perhaps it would be nice if the homunculus, which is so much smaller, was shifted to a 2nd circle spell.

But thats getting off the track a bit, I guess.

-looking forward to the new spells-



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