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Posted by Kildare on 12/21

Wouldn't it be a good idea if the duration of entrance was a little bit more like stun's? I mean instead of ending at tick shift, couln't the duration be set to a definite time that could be based say on spirit or whatever and include a random factor?

At least in mob fighting, personally I don't give even half of a broken coin for pkill :P

From: Adolfus Friday, December 18, 04:13PM

Believe the idea, of making chance to wake from entrance being based on spirit was discussed on chat last night. Would be good for pkill I think. Kinda silly as is. Only thing to worry about is not making it so that its impossible to wake up if you don't have enuf spirit. Don't want to be overpowered, so I'll do my asschewing now. Don't screw it up and make it overpowered, if you do happen to make it this way. I would say it would be fair if one got a 25 percent chance to wake with 0 spirit, 50 percent chance, with 30 spirit, 60 percent with 40 spiri and a gradual curve from there on up to 100. Course one can get around this somewhat with some good triggers, but it would improve the skill and such is the case for many other things.

Note, I have no chars with entrance skill, or any with the stats to learn it.

From: Raskolnikov Friday, December 18, 06:28PM

I like the long lag on entrance since getting 50 mnd and 50 spr is otherwise useless without a good entrance....I really like the lag change to it, makes it MUCH more useful.

From: Rufus Monday, December 21, 05:28PM

That's the intent for a change to the skill, but the stun change was very very involved and actually took about four days to get all the code in (and as you can see, we've been tweaking it forever) anyway... expect this change sometime, but getting stun right to use as a model so that we don't have to do all the code twice is a much higher priority.



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