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Posted by T-Bone on 01/13

How about making it so if a clanned doesn't make it to 40 within 200 hours, he or she explodes and is perma'd! -twiddle-

From: Mo Saturday, December 19, 01:03AM

Nah, just forcelevel them if they don't make it by 200 hrs -cackle-

From: Morphine Saturday, December 19, 01:35AM

yup, that'll encourage low level pkill!

From: T-Bone Saturday, December 19, 02:28AM

Who wants to encourage it, I'd rather lvl 40 being the earliest you can clan. Pkill's soooooooo boring now.

From: Fright Saturday, December 19, 09:00AM

-cough xp scale-

I'm sticking at 39th level. Yeah, call me what you want, I know it seems the cowerds way out, yadda-yadda yadda.

But think about it why would anyone want to pkill at 50th level anymore? You lose 350k from a pk death as far as I know at 50th and it's not uncommon for pkillers to die to mobs while pkilling (due to blind) either, which is twice as much xp lost. Hey, I die here at 39th, I lose a reasonable amount of xp, but its not going to take me hours to get back.

Also all the action is at low-mid levels in pkill so why would I (for example) want to level to 50th? Look at people like T-Bone who are bored, and others too and I see no reason at all to be a 50th level pkiller.

2 bits of thought


From: T-Bone Saturday, December 19, 10:07AM

The problem with low level pkill is that some char types are a lot rentier than others to be really effective.

I worked out that a str char with all the eq I would want would cost me 49950 rent and not be nearly as effective until I could rent it all. If I took another route with a char type that doesn't gain so much from +dam and +hit, he should kick the str fighters butt at lower levels.

Mmm, oh well.. if I perma you'd better all not start levelling!

From: Bryn Saturday, December 19, 11:53AM

Okie dokie, I've had a couple of high level pkillers at this point, and I gotta say, mid level pkill's more fun. Sorry, T-bone.

-bounce- Bryn.

From: T-Bone Saturday, December 19, 01:15PM

Arrrgh I want to archive damnit!

This 1 clanned at a time (including archived) rule blows.

From: Harun Wednesday, January 13, 05:23AM

This, if anything, is ridiculous!

If I wanted - if I were pkill enabled - to remain at say lv 25 for some time, to get more experience in pkill or simply because I choose to, then it's up to me and not anyone else :P

I should -not- be forced to speed level just because some pkillers are bored -shrug-

Suggesting something like this is pure nonsense, IMHO



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