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Posted by Mo on 12/19

I've noticed that mobs and sometimes pkers can rush on a sprawling shot if they enable autorush.

In addition to the fact that priority with shoot is extremely buggy -- either the opponent gets initiative, or you go one round without hitting while the opponent hits, making it just as worse -- i think at least sprawling shots should not trigger autorush.

Also, i don't think mob acts deal too well with fleeing targets, or when the mob itself is fleeing -- there are a few that go off even if you are not in the same room as the mob (The Keeper's bashing/kicking, Cruzeiro's books, and a few others).


From: T-Bone Saturday, December 19, 02:30AM

What's the deal with shoot anyway? I'm set to sitting whether I'm sent sprawling or not.. Seems to be either stun or bash with every shot.

From: Trample Saturday, December 19, 07:33PM

come to think of it, I have -never- been atourushed when shooting in pk with this char. I assumed people weren't using it. although (scrach that allthough) since I get autorushed by mobs so much.

-Tramp. < Shotokai >

From: Deicide Saturday, December 19, 10:19PM

Yeah, it sucks.. I've been impaled and killed after fleeing from the rhino I don't know if there is anything that can be done..



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