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Spells-->damage for items

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Posted by Kurik on 12/22

I don't think so it is good when somone casted 3 spells at me, destroyed me one item, and 4 others items were moderately damaged.. it isn't normal. An attack spell (firestorm,flamestrike..) are doing around 60hp (+ -) and one this spell is damaging around 3 items. When fighter stun another fighter in pkill and it is str fighter doing around 90hp per round and isn't damaging eq something has to be bad. It really sucks when I need to tform eq after all fight and I'm comforting pkillers who are attacking mage and can't Tform. I'm asking if somebody can look on it and make something with it.

Another thing, I'm not old pkiller, but when I started this character i decided I will not join clan, that I will fight alone. I knew that members from one clan attack me in more than one person. Okay. but I don't know why clanhall are so good. You can come to clanhall from medieval can leave it in ancient. You can meditate and healing self without fear that you are in safe room and someone can recall you. It is interesting about going in and out from clannhall in difference places. :(( Now I know I haven't chance here. I can locate someone, he is in clanhall, he is located me, he in this safe room, run recall target, recall self and fight started.

Now something For Mandarb. You said I fled and rented. And what I can do? You can hit clanhall and meditate there how long you want, no ome can attack you there. But when I fleeand I will go to safe room, someone will recall me and bah.

That's all I think. I wish all pp here nice Christams and new year, if I will not show my butt here again this year.


From: Osiris Tuesday, December 22, 04:04AM

Uh go to a non recall safe rooom :p

From: Zeus Tuesday, December 22, 01:16PM

I agree -- fire spells still damages EQ too much. I can see 2 - 3 items, to (slightly damaged) status. But 3 - 4 to practically scrapped is game-inhibiting for chars imo.


From: T-Bone Tuesday, December 22, 01:17PM

First of all, you return from your hall to the place you entered unless your trans mobs killed or some weird buggy thing occurs.

I do agree with the fire damage though, it still needs toning down. In my last fight only 1 immolate was cast and my brine ring and black horseshoe were moderately damaged from perfect. Seems to be a bunch of things that only require 2 immolates or 1 immolate and 1 hit for them to be destroyed as happened to my last horseshoe.

Plus at 7 items max to be damaged/immolate, if nothing happens to be destroyed, you need almost a complete tform after every fight against one who uses fire a lot.

From: Rufus Tuesday, December 22, 02:05PM

I modified the damage downard (number of items, primarily) a bit.


From: Adolfus Tuesday, December 22, 02:25PM

If you just limited it to 1 item damaged per spell and didnt modify anything else, that one item would likely be destroyed right?

From: Rufus Tuesday, December 22, 02:33PM

nope, they all have a damage index, and when it damages multiple items, it applies the same damage index to all the items struck. The damage is modified by the attack type and the armor type of the item hit.


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