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Posted by Adolfus on 12/24

Is weather code being worked on here? Some muds have the weather affect spell damage. Ie lightning bolt does more damage when its raining, and it could also reduce damage from fire spells when its raining. Give druid types control weather somehow and it would work well in groups.

From: Amati Tuesday, December 22, 02:45AM

3rd circle create mages have the "control weather" spell already. However, I don't think it's implemented yet. As for weather affecting spells ... I think that's neato.


From: Kaige Tuesday, December 22, 10:40AM

Yup, it's planned for, but other things are currently higher on the priority list.

I'm hoping to be able to post a list of over all priorities as part of my new year's resolution for Legend...


From: Mo Thursday, December 24, 09:09PM

How about seasons? Dry winters will improve fire spells once they are successfully cast (altho would make them harder to cast) and summers would make fire spells easier to cast, but harder to have anything catch on fire?

Wondering if areas can be set to load (or made accessible) only in certain seasons/months, whatever.

Mmm. I remember someone sayin they'd look into auto-douse if the person enters a room that requires sustained breath, wonder what happened to that one... I think any room where you can call a water elemental, you should be able to douse without digging into your precious water supply -- whee, been reading way too much Dune.



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