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Posted by Adolfus on 12/22

Could someone explain just how wary/agg works?

If two players with exact stats are fighting each other, and one is max agg and the other is max wary, is this the same as both them being 0 wary?

Does going 1 wary reduce your hitroll, and your opponents hitroll by the same amount?

Think how wary/agg effects priority has been discussed already. Does this muds code use something called thac0?

If you could just explain what changes to you and your opponent when you go max wary and max agg would be beneficial I think.

Don't think many ppl understand more than the general theory behind this.

From: Rufus Tuesday, December 22, 02:34PM

For every agg point, your hitroll increases by 3 points (3 %) and every attack made against you is evaluated at 3% more likely to hit.

Likewise (only in reverse) for wary.

And we have a modified version of 'thac0'. It's a sliding scale based on the level and the average AC for that level.

Basically, if I'm 3 wary, I'm 9% less likely to hit, and everyone attacking me is 9% less likely to hit me.

However, position does have an affect on wary/agg values, though I can't exactly go in to the detail of it all.



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