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damagable slots and unfixable eq

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Posted by Gran on 12/24

I think now when all slots are damagable some of the eq that used to be unfixable should be made fixable again.

For instance, held items never got damaged before, now they do So why not make for instance the blue carbuncle or Luckstone fixable again,just to mention a few? Those 2 are hardly fit for mend/repair, I can understand that, but they surely could be trueform?

Also making a once per character quest reward, like the winged cap unfixable seems a bit odd, but it's another matter :)


From: Perseus Wednesday, December 23, 04:59AM

Yeah, specially when they get damaged to often and so easily now.

From: Ishtar Wednesday, December 23, 06:51AM

I have to agree with this. I'm not sure whats been done already to look at non-fixable items in previously undamagable slots. But I have two damaged non-fixable strung items in slots that weren't damagable before, and no other logical slots to move the string to, so it looks like I have to change my equipment around or else keep getting the strings shifted every time the items get damaged (not sure if thats allowed =P), or let the strings get destroyed. Not that this is an issue in itself, but it seems to bring home that fact that there might be lots of items out there which didn't need to be fixable because they were in a slot that didn't take damage, but perhaps should be made fixable. For most slots that always took damage, non-fixable items have been relatively rare.


From: T-Bone Wednesday, December 23, 08:43AM

Yep, and I have a LegendMUD shopping bag which I traded for coupon since you can't get them anymore. It's going to scrap sooner or later unless I avoid 3rd circle mages.


From: Sterling Wednesday, December 23, 10:08AM

If I'm not mistaken, most quest items that are one per character are fixable. Your example, Gran, does not fall into that one per character catagory.(I hope that isn't too much info) I don't have too much of a problem replacing items that are unable to be repaired. If its strung, then I fear it is just more work for the immortals to restring for me, however.

And I too have a shopping bag as T-Bone has mentioned, which is, unfortunately not repairable, and not possible to get again. I think that ALL prize machine items should be repairable in one way or another.

But normal, fairly easy to get items seem to be fine the way they are.

From: Ishtar Thursday, December 24, 08:28AM

The items I am concerned with are easily replaced, I just always tended to assume it was poor form to string non-fixable items and ask the strings to be transferred to a new one each time they get damaged, but now it seems harder to avoid it. But apart from that there does seem to be a shortage in choice of fixable items for some particular slots, which are the ones which did not take damage before.



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