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Posted by Adolfus on 12/27

How about expanding fishing a bit. Make it so you catch different types of fish, some wieghing more than others.

Put some fishing tackle on a mob, and make it so you dont have to have the skill if you got the tackle maybe. Then we could have fishing quests.

Most fish caught. Most weight caught. Best average Weight.

Fun game.

From: Adolfus Wednesday, December 23, 11:12PM

Um that should read contests, instead of quests.

From: Fright Saturday, December 26, 10:11AM

You allready can catch different sizes of fish. :P


From: Adolfus Saturday, December 26, 05:41PM

Yes, there is, but theres not much variety, and it would be a contest that would be easy to play and run.

From: Fright Sunday, December 27, 06:39AM

I don't see any reason for coders to spend time doing this unless its more for game purposes than anything else. Problem with that is that fishing isn't a very useful skill to spend a practice on (some might argue but you can buy food anywhere, and carve corpses without a skill) so you would be catering to a relatively small portion of the mud with a game based around this skill.


From: Kaige Sunday, December 27, 08:27AM

All the skills are going to be looked at pretty closely over the next year. There are changes planned to expand fishing to give a bit more variety and "local color" if you will, as well as changes planned so that carving will be a bit more risky to those who don't have the proper skills.


From: Adolfus Sunday, December 27, 08:30AM

Damn fright if you read the first post, it said, make it so fishing worked without the skill if you had fishing tackle.


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