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Posted by Shine on 12/31

I tried to play another muds too and saw it there. I know Legend is mud which fascinate me and will be the best for me.

An idea, about what I want to talk, is unique items. Before you will say it is stupid listen me.

Unique item will be an item, which can be only one in the game. Coz pkill is in this mud, these items have to be non rentable, timed and non preservable. (coz when non pkill player will get it he or she will not leave it). These items can't be so powerful, but better than other here. And their rent can be 0 coz you can lost it very soon.

Not only big mobs can have it. These items can be very hard to reload at mob (for example 1 from 5 attempts) and at every mob who will have one can be magical mirror, so you can see who has it right now so you haven't to spend lot time for getting it when somebody has it.

It is only idea, nothing more.

I know imms have much works with important things. This is only idea.... :)

Shine, the son of Aaron!

From: Mo Thursday, December 31, 04:30AM

No matter how hard it is to get an item, if the item is attractive enough, everyone that can have it will have it.

Personally, I don't see the point of having an item that is outside specs, mostly because it is boring. Items like such are simply a matter of beefed up numbers -- no imagination, creativity, or any such. We can have fun with that kinda stuff during april fools or whatnot, but i don't see it adding any more fun factor to the game -- ppl will soon tire of it.



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