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Posted by Mo on 01/03

Just a continuing of the 71-30 idea, since that append was too long: Unclanning should not be linked with xp attained, as it has very little relevance to pk. NOBODY i know of has the patience to unclan by pk xp alone, not to mention the fact that it forces every prospective unclanner to reach lvl 50 -- some might prefer to unclan at a lower level. Therefore, moving pk to a system independent of mobkill for retirement sounds logical to me, based on a point system. 100 points to retire. 3 points when you land the killing blow on another clanned, given that the char you dealt the blow to didn't die in the past 10 ticks. 2 points when you have been killed by another clanned, given that you didn't die in the past 10 ticks. 1 pt if you were grouped with a character that died or killed (rather, received 3 or 2 pts). that would mean at least 34 pk bouts to retire -- i have retired chars (err, a char) that didn't even have 1/3rd that many bouts, and i reckon that it isn't too low a quota (tho i could care less if the points were upped to 200 or 300, it's a rough anyway). In addition to tying pk status to where it belongs -- pk bouts, it also allows low lvl clanned to retire without hitting 50, and also allows for healer-pkers and not-too-skilled pkers to retire at a reasonable time (50 pk losses max - i THINK you could die that many times without perma'ing if you are lvl 50, but i could have misplaced a few 0s). With a system as such, people will be more motivate to try pk, as win or lose, you are a step closer to retirement. For the timid type, we can always leave that redemption/unclan thing in, but if one was to be active starting at lvl 35, i'd reckon they'd fill their quota if they decide to reach 50 as clanned. I personally don't think switching to this retirement system will have repercussions in the mobkill community, other than the added lag caused by the code keeping track of every pker's score. Would be interesting too if one could have an option to have it displayed on whois (their current score) and maybe even divide the points into categories (yeah yeah, for bragging rights and whatnot :p) so that you could spot active pkers. Hrm. Enough talking for now, I'll await while you all grok this to fullness. Mo!

From: Chimera Thursday, December 31, 05:25AM

I love this idea, though I, being a lowly PR imm, havn't the slightest idea how to imp it. The only problem that I see that's inherent to this idea is multi-ing, so IMHO, there should be a check to see if you got XP for killing the pkiller before you're awarded the point. And maybe if the check comes back negative remove a point from your score, or something to that effect Love the idea, however. Chimera

From: BabaYaga Thursday, December 31, 05:49AM

Oeerrr, I like this idea -very- much indeed. Worthy of a pot full of pan-fried, honey-basted baby pinky toes! Baba Yaga -=Crochety=-

From: Sandra Thursday, December 31, 08:16AM

Well, I guess I'll be the bad guy here and add this to the discussion: This will turn pkill into a doom match. People will kill and kill just to collect points. Pkill and Rp will probably not mix as well, since most of the rp pkillers will be the ones hunted by the doom- type pkillers. Next: Unclanning was -never- supposed to be an easy thing to do. It was meant to be a reward for very hard work that you put in to your character. That's why the 100 mil req before, and the 50 mil req now. Lastly: Seperating pkill from nonpkill even more by setting up yet more code for the pkillers is something we are trying to get away from, not add to. While in thought, its a good idea, in reality, I don't believe what we want is a bunch of people running around killing everyone they can as often as they can just go get these points. -Sandra

From: Bryn Thursday, December 31, 12:51PM

This is my third pkiller. Unfortunately the previous two reside somewhere only in the memories of those who killed them, 'cause I didn't have the patience to retire them. I certainly think that retiring shouldn't be easy to do, but I think that at present it's still a bit too hard for most people. If it's a choice between devoting myself to hours of tedious scut-work and getting -another- 25 million xp and simply permaing, I've taken the perma option every time, and that's unfort unfortunate. And in fact, I did put a lot of work into my first pkiller. I mobkilled, I was more active in pkill than either of my next pkillers co combined, but the problem was, she died a lot. So that xp-to-level got more and more, and I got more and more discouraged, until -poof-. Okie dokie, I'm rambling, which I didn't mean to. But in general I think that encouraging people to retire rather than perma is a good idea How that can best be done, I'm not sure. -bounce- Bryn!

From: Mandarb Thursday, December 31, 02:05PM

I'm not exactly a new player in the field of pkill. The majority of you know this. I've pkilled MANY times and prob died near as many, if not more. I think this is one of the best ideas I've heard of in along time. For anyone who hasn't been paying attention, PK is dead right now. We have a continuious circle of people who reclan after permaing, or MAYBE unclaning, and hardly anyone new coming in. I think this system would promote new pkillers ALOT. For one thing, they still gain if they lose. This to me is very realistic in a way too. Don't you gain experience even when you lose or fail at something? If i fail test, I bet i learned something from it even if it wasn't what i was supposed to. Same here. If you died because you didn't flee and you should have, well, now you've learned that, but in this system, you aren't rewarded for that, just lose xp. I agree that pk and nonpk are getting more and more seperate, but I feel that you need to understand this is going to happen if you want balance and if you want pk to stay alive. Personally, I would love this idea for the sole fact it would bring new pkillers in and make it a little more exciting. Its supposed to be hard to unclan? Fine, make the point number 1k or something horendous, I don't care. I just really feel this would be a good way to fix a problem we seem to have with lack of participation. Myself included. A month ago I was pkilling at least once a day. I haven't pkilled in a week because theres never anyone on, and the people who are on are just people I fought yesterday, so whats the challenge in that? I know its xmas and people are away, but this is a common thing, not just these last few weeks. Maybe the idea needs to be tweaked a little, but i hope the imm seriously consider this. Already the majority of posts support this, please think about it. Well, this was long enough, sorry :) -Mandarb

From: Adolfus Thursday, December 31, 03:27PM

I don't see much advantage in retiring over permaing. What you get to keep your char? Mobkill, haha, if you wanted to mobkill theres no need to enable in the first place. Join HOL, hrm how many chars are in there now, not many it seems, and not for a lack of ppl reaching lvl 50. If you want to retire but are in an xp hole, just perma and reroll the name. I do think this is a pretty good, idea, but the imms are really overwhelmed as it is. Maybe the mud should be put in development mode and taken off line. Iv'e seen organic mud evolve faster, hehe.

From: Fright Friday, January 01, 03:06AM

First: I love this idea. -applaud Mo- And it's not because it gives me an excuse to kill. (like I need one!) I am not someone that is terribly active in pkill, having about 23 total fights under my belt, BUT, this idea would really liven up pkill. (It's pretty slow right now) Sandra, rain some more, we need a counter point of view here, but don't be too judgemental in an idea thats just forming (not saying you were in your post, and its good to have someone raising objections, so please raise more too). Having points linked to XP is a good idea to avoid those multis. I love the idea of being able to lose points too. It might force a little more etiquette into some pkillers. How about you lose a set amount of points for every item you loot? I don't think it should be easy to unclan. So set the target point total high, it doesn't matter. Its something new, exciting, and it will rekindle interest in pkill! (I like the point idea in whois too) Fright

From: Ma Friday, January 01, 09:25AM

I think it's a good idea too but I'd still rather it be possible to archive clanned allowing them to be unarchived some time after ones current clanned is archived, perma'd or whatever. I've perma'd 8 or 9 clanned to adjust to changes or simply wanting to try something different and it's such a ridiculous waste of time.

From: Zeus Saturday, January 02, 02:53PM

I like Ma's idea!

From: Phantoom Sunday, January 03, 12:13AM

Very very good idea. -ponder Sandra- Something new hasn't to be so bad. Always, when you are trying unpkill now, someone will find you and kill you, when you will be not full - 400k.. It is another hour of playing. This idea is good. Mandarb is right too. Phantoom, the masked man.


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