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DT and the command 'exits'

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Posted by XXX on 01/02

hmm again i heard of a poor soul who entered a deathtrap and who lost all his stuff ... when i asked him how that happened, he told me that he was wandering in an unknown area. 'Yes', i said, 'then you should be more careful and check the exits often', and he boggled me, 'Hahaha :(', thats what i did and thats why i entered the DT.' So what happened ? He wanted to type EX but he missed the X ... don't know if he has just forgotten the X or if his keyboard is damaged or if he didnt press the key hard enough ... The fact is: our nice command 'exits' which should help us to avoid entering Deathtraps, can be dangerous and kill us ... What can we do ? We players can be more careful to avoid missing the X in case we are standing west of a DT... But i am thinking of another idea... why can't we get the 'EXITS' - command transformed to a 'CHECK'-command ? sure the coders would have some work, but i think thats worth it ... okay we all would have to relearn err ... sorry not relearn ... to learn a new key-combination to check exits ... but hey i would like that more than typing EX and forgetting the X west of a Deathtrap ........... hmm ok, this is just my lowly opinion, what do you think? XXX

From: Israfel Friday, January 01, 05:02AM

If it worries you, type "exits" not "ex". Israfel Shadowleaf Servant of the Lady

From: Woe Friday, January 01, 07:41AM

Or if you have aliases you could make an alias that doesn't use any directional letter eg. /x That would save typing the whole thing. Woe

From: Pestilence Friday, January 01, 03:20PM

Heck, the 1 on the keypad was unused to I assigned 'exits' to it longer ago than I care to remember. I guess I could still hit the wrong button on the keypad, but you might want to consider that as well.

From: Ea! Saturday, January 02, 05:49PM

"xits" (or just "x") should work as exits does now next code update. -Ea!


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