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High Level Exp and Mobs

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Posted by Shiva on 01/04

I have recently returned to Legend after being archived for approx two years, so I'm not fully up to date again yet. I have noticed that the exp, which is discussed earlier on this board, for high level players is unfairly lacking. I remember the HOL mobs being worth a good 100k when I left, but now they are worth a paltry 30k and yet the exp for higher level players has apparently remained the same. Considering, not everyone is akin to Deicide and can kill a lvl 50 at 31, the exp for us higher level players is obsolete, and almost hysterically non-existent. I mean i have a 50th lvl char that can barely survive fights with other 50th level mobiles, and almost dies quite frequently, yet is now getting an exp gain of say 25k compared to where he would before get say 70k. I understand the newbies were apparently having problems with exp, but was switching it around so the high lvl chars suffer from the same affliction instead of the low level chars really make that much a difference? The idea i noticed earlier on this board which made me think was the % or fraction cap for exp to level. I believe the idea was to make it so, no one kill would move you up more than say 1/10th or 10% (same thing i know) to your next level. Wouldn't this solve the problem with "powerlevelling" but still keep the exp gain for hgih lvl chars reasonable ? Just my 2 cents, and if any of it was confusing, I must admit it is after 4 in the morning here, so I may not be completely clear Shiva aka Killer

From: Fairfax Saturday, January 02, 03:28PM

The exp problem only starts onc you hit the mid-40s. I recently levelled one of my characters from level 20-50 under the new system, and I must say, the mid levels were quite encouraging. The last few levels, though, would have been a nightmare without Riptide's bot sitting in the Stag.. without him, he'd probably still be level 45 or so. My point? II like the new exp scale. However, mob exp should be based on the difficulty of the mob, and not on the level (although this has been coded in to a certain extent - in ShadowLands, for example and certain other tougher mobs). The pain to kill certain level 50 mobs (and certainly, even some level 49 or 48 mobs) just do not justify the amount of exp gained at the end of it. The exp gained per mob increases as you go up in levels, but the difficulty increases exponentially. It was easy to kill bandits, privates, elands etc at their respective levels, but a nightmare to kill level 50 mobs at 50. The first problem lies in the difficulty of the higher-level mobs not being in line with the level increase (biggest proof - since when did 'consider' give an accurate picture at level 50? Me being a perfect match with Vlad or Skatha?). Exp should be modified even further to reflect difficulty. The second problem is mob availability. It's no mere chance than Klienstadt has become a very popular place for level 50s to gain exp with a healer.. (I know, I've healed like three or four hitters so far who went on two-person exp runs there). Klienstadt has the single largest population of soloable level 50 mobs. Even though the mobs have some ridiculous hitroll that allows them to hit 5/5, 4/4 blows like every round even when bashed against a -100ac character, people still go there. The exp gained from a guard has obviously been toned to reflect their amazing ability to hit, and without a healer, I'd say you need to be a reasonable fighter to kill one solo. I know I'd get ripped to shreds if I tried. But it's balanced. It's fun, and there are a large number of mobs.. once the mobs are gone, we normally sit waiting for repop.. simply because there is nowhere else to go =( Perhaps we could have more areas like that.. more elite guards in Vlad's castle (I mean what king has 4 guards?) and make their exp reflective of their difficulty (I think they're not really what I'd call soloable). More cellar dwellers (and those seem harder than some level 50 mobs I've seen), gargoyles.. maybe some bigger unseelie sidhes in the forests, more level 50 animals in the Savannah - the options are limitless. In short, the new exp scale is certainly okay by me. I don't really see why lower levels should take on big mobs when they can kill mobs their level, and it's easier with more reward. However, once we hit those last few levels, we lack soloable mobs, and those don't provide enough exp to justify their cost, so we go and kill little mobs and the little players are left with nothing.. it's a lose-lose situation. More variety, with fairer exp reward would certainly give this level more fun, and give level 50 healers more work at least Just my two cents Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras)

From: Danar Saturday, January 02, 04:32PM

Well, you did leave out the amazing weaklings in Quebec, but I do agree: a high level character has serious problems gaining exp. In general, when I get on, I go to Quebec, and if someone else's there, I sit around in Stag and whine ;P Danar

From: Marigold Sunday, January 03, 12:35AM

Exps per high level mobs suck and everybody know it. I leveled 3 chars to L50 in new exp system and always it was crazy and it took enough time. I can say it now. I had char his namewas Headbutt. My friend had char his name was Choke. We always went around in group. At L16 we killed Rhys. And we made level. Then killed him again and made level. We were good and therefore we levelled fast. No one powerleveled us and we made L44 in 40 hours. Now if somebody is strong and can kill L50 at L30 or under L30, it means nothing for him. He can say yes, I killed L50 mob, but it is everything, coz he will get 15k exps or so. Exp change helped newbies, but L45 and high level chars have exp problems. Fighter without healer can make hmm 90k exps if he is good than he can go to sleep and wait 20 minutes for getting hp back. Hmm, it is boring. Now I want to see how I will level my healer. Nobody will want to help me with exps, coz it is better group with low level healer. But I will try it alone. it will take me enough time and lotsa gauzes, but I think I can make it. Maybe. Marigold, the poet.

From: LadyAce Monday, January 04, 11:13AM

I know I say this a lot, but I am only being honest. Please let us know which specific mobs are worth too little xp, particularly in the difficult 40-50 range. We know that the overall number of mobs is too low, and are working to adjust this. I have made a number of adjustments to casablanca and carnival based on player feedbac k -- those changes will go in soon. My adjustments to seoni have already been made, and are in the game. Other builders have been working to get their areas adjusted for the scale, but without feedback on the actual mobs/areas which need help, we can't do our job efficiently. I agree that it can be difficult and dull to get exp at higher levels. I personally have chosen to sacrifice some speed in exchange for fun, by grouping and killing mobs which aren't strictly 'worth it' -- i.e. those of higher level (and this is only counting BEFORE Rufus's change to the system, now you don't get penalized for those of higher level than you). Which of these do you guys think is the biggest portion of the problem...: a) too few mobs at higher levels b) too little concentration of mobs at higher levels c) mobs at higher levels are worth too little xp for their difficulty I know some of you will likely say 'all of the above' but it would be helpful if you tried to pick one of them :) Rufus's change to killing above level should help (b) to some extent, and decrease a little of the need for (a) -- but unfortunately, a and b are tough to solve without new areas, or old areas with large adjustments. Upping repop can help some, but I'd rather see a slightly deeper solution. C, on the other hand, is a smaller change. Each area takes about 4 hours of work for this kind of adjustment, i.e. imm testing with mob vs. mob, an d testing with player vs. mob, check to see if it loads, dot your i's, wait for it to go in. That is in contrast to the months of work that go into areas. My small changes to Seoni were more like a week or two, but they don't even scratch the surface of the adjustment process. I hope that you all will do your best to help us with this adjusting process. I know it is taking too long, and for that I apologize. -LadyAce

From: Sigrid Monday, January 04, 02:40PM

I believe the biggest problem is a) waiting is not funny, of course you can spent the time having fun and talking/rp'ing, but you can do that even though the mobs are there. To me it doesn't matter that much if the mobs are nto worth a lot if just there are many of them. yes, it would be easier to get xp if the mobs were worth more, but life aint suposed to be easy. Is it? Moreover at high level it doesn't really matter if you have to run to find your mobs, so stuffing up a million of mobs in one or two rooms is not important. And it will bene- fit players that actually try to learn to know more than one or two areas. This way they will get "more" mobs than people that doesn't 'explore' as much. Difference in mobs is exciting too. I mean who wanna kill 10 Rhys'es in a row, if you can have 10 different mobs with different specials so you actually have to figure out the best way to fight them. All I ask of is giving us something to do. Killing is a good way to kill time. Sigrid


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