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Posted by Larnoc on 01/11

ummm is there any chance that herb cost (both rent and monetary) but mainly rent could be lowered a little ? I'm having a hard time competing with all the other fenugreek users out there, and as a wimpy typer char ferrying enough cash round to buy them is a pain. The rent also hurts a lot at low levels ;) -Larnoc who figured he may as well whine for once -scuffle-

From: Collins Monday, January 04, 10:21AM

Well you allready have access to a very large amount of healing at a very low mana cost. The cost has to come from somewhere to make this balanced, and instead of costing more mana to make augments, it costs you money and inventory space. I really can't say that augmenters are underpowered/need help right now. On the other hand, fenugreek isn't always easy to get, maybe the mobs that sell them could sell 50% more of them to help with the influx of people using the augment skill? Collins

From: Zeppelin Monday, January 04, 11:00PM

maybe 550% more ...

From: Fairfax Wednesday, January 06, 06:41AM

You can opt for the cheaper and more adventurous way of picking fenugreek.. it's grown in at least one area -model pouch of herbs- Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras) Packrat


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