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Posted by Zeppelin on 01/06

I would like to say that, although the mob interaction is great, what the heck was the point in reduction the XP? You took one of the best mob killing areas in the game and made, well, not very good IMO. I for one will not get to see the mobs interact because the XP vs. mob str of the area now is pretty crappy. If you want to update mobs, great. If you want to ruin the best XP areas in the game, well, heck you already did that. Flame on! Zep

From: Davien Tuesday, January 05, 04:55AM

Add the Norman guards to that list, and probably lots of other areas as well. While I should point out that some balance should be found between game balance and tedium, this is just annoying to people who enjoy doing the runs alone. I know legend persues a philospohy of encouraging grouping of characters, and I am all for that and have the best of times in groups, however I did enjoy having the option of going to an area where I could get some good fights while on my own. I like grouping with my friends because they are my friends, not becuase it is something that I have to do to get experience. I have yet to try this new area with a character that would benefit from it, but I do know that the Norman guards went from an area where a player could have several good fights for some reasonable exp, to an area where a healer is required to make it worth the effort. Why? Well, it was just done, nothing was mentioned on any board to explain why these mobs suddenly doubled in HP, gained 3-40mind so they couldn't be slept by characters without really high mind and good cast levels, and several other things as well. Oops that should be a 30. -shrug- While I am on the subject, this is also fairly inconsistant with the recent change to exp. This was a very good change as far as players are concerned, and now mobs that are 'easy' level 50's are getting pounded for that extra exp. Grouping is great with the extra exp being spread about nicely, but now there is less reason to kill mobs of your own level. I mean why kill some your level when you can find an 'easy' one higher level that does the same damage or slightly more and you now get the exp that is needed to make it worthwhile? The way I see it, mobs in areas are being changed so that you can only kill one or 2 before you need to rest/heal/regen whatever. Norman guards are a good example, privates may well be another. The net result of this is that it will take characters longer to reach level, every level. Is this what the builders have been told to do? If not, it seems they are doing it of their own accord from this outside standpoint. Should they be doing it? If so, can we have some areas changed so that there are more mid-level mobs that are worth killing. The builders have the time to make mobs harder... why not give some of the lower level people developing their characters a break? Just so you know, I'll never level again, so I doubt it will bother me either way, all I really want is this trend explained. The slightly perplexed Davien Holyoake.

From: Fright Tuesday, January 05, 06:37AM

Well said Davien. I would think that with the overall attitude towards this new xp scale, that being that it's too hard to level at higher levels, that problem would be addressed before something else that isn't even really a problem. Davien's post was the first one that I have seen addressing the issue of norman guards getting tougher, though I did indeed notice that for myself. Why take an area that was good xp, and a good amount of risk (because of defending mobs) and popular and make it so that once again no one will go there? Is it the goal of the builders to make area's that no one wants to go to? Seems that way. The new pict update is an obstacle and nothing more, no one wants to go there for anything but spellwords. P Isles is a bit better, it has a couple good eq items, but the only reason for someone to go there is the quests. No one will hang out there or kill there for any decent kind of xp. Boston has great eq, some great mobs, and is a fun area to go, but again isn't popular to hang out and kill in. The old WWI area used to be packed with people killing, as well as pkillers socially interacting. The mobs in the area drew more people to that area, and it was one of the more social areas on the mud. As it is right now, there is (to my knowledge) no eq to get, no quests to do, and mediocre mobs at best to kill. (difficulty vs. xp) One of the more social areas on the mud will probably once again become vacant. These new areas are great things for eq lists. But they are not adding anything to the muds social atmosphere. Maybe it's strange to hear a pkill talking about that, but there really isn't too much socializing happening here as compared to XXX months ago. If the goal of the builing department is to add more eq, and rooms to the mud and herding players to hang out in established areas (the stag and tara is really all) then you are doing a great job. While these new areas have great descriptions, room acts, mob acts, mobs descriptions, they still lack the 'feel' of many other areas. (in my opinion) They lack transes to other areas that will make them a hub, or unique items such as the well in romania to draw people to them cosistantly. I am not trying to slag individual builders on their efforts, I think the time and work you put in is worth praise. The areas have a quality that is noticable and enjoyable. BUT, the building department as a group should take a step back and find their long-term goals, and tell them to the rest of us too. Because right now, it looks to me that you are driving people away from hanging out in your areas, be it intentionally or not. Fright's twisted commentary ends here.

From: Mariachi Tuesday, January 05, 08:16AM

A little commentary on Fright's commentary, and on its reflection of people's kinda attitudes in general, and i'll try to keep it short. K, you can kill for more than xp, believe it or not. People love to go on a run and get 46 billion xp in twelve minutes, level to 50 in the first day they have a new char, and pronounce that that is good. If that's all you want, then flame on about mobs being less xp and being interactive and behaving like NPCs instead of just walking xp gains. But, truth be told, fun, RP, and mobkilling can all go together. Fright mentioned Boston as one of the places that's good mobs but people don't hang out to kill, and I say fine then don't but that's your loss. To make a mob like Johnny must have taken quite an effort on Sandra's part, and even if you don't want to respect that, he's hella fun to kill, and even if he ate his eq 70% of the time, i'd keep at him. So far, he's easy the best mob in the game. While i can sit in Tara and solo the Dun for maybe five times the xp, i'd honestly rather go challenge myself with one or two other people, even if it's just Johnny and not the other great Boston mobs. So my point is, remember why you're here, and I hope that that why includes to have fun, and that that is prioritized above getting xp. There's other muds where you can kill generic mobs and get gobs of xp for them, if that's what you're looking for. Mariachi the big dumb lug

From: Zeppelin Tuesday, January 05, 06:15PM

Very well said Fright. As for killing Johnny -- hello were are not all lev 50. If you think its fun to kill him at lev 30 your idea of fun is different than mine. Besides, to solo him requires a very special type of mage/fighter I am sure. Yeah, hes a great mob -- you know why? Because hes hard to kill and smart, and hes great eq -- a fitting reward for killing him. Killing the hardest mob in the game is not what leveling is all about, its a way to challenge level 50 chars imo. Also, sorry to here the Norman guards got changed to be harder for no more XP. I just cannot understand these changes. Zep

From: Mariachi Wednesday, January 06, 09:14AM

no, not everyone is level 50, and wow, that includes me. i never had the opportunity to kill Johnny at level 30, not on this char, and i didn't say anything about soloing him. but I apologize for having a good time. I shall cease all such activities immediately, and report anything I see to the approriate athorities. Please forgive my transgression. -kill- -kill- -kill- oh boy level 50 in thirty seven minutes. let me kill more, please make mobs easy and give me lots of xp for them. I don't want a challenge. that might be fun. fun is bad. xp is good. Mariachi the thick skulled and sarcastic

From: Mandarb Wednesday, January 06, 07:18PM

I think your being a real ass about this Mariachi. They make a good case and you just say, in other words, I'm right and your wrong so shut up. If you can have an opionon, so can they, and maybe your the one that needs to shutup. I personally will probobly never level another character in this game again because its not challenging, its boring, and YES, theres a difference. I understand its hard to balance, but if you kill CONSTANTLY and gain hardly anything, your not going to be very inclined to do it at all. Thats why the majority of people who level slow down CONSIDERABLy at level 40 or so. Myself included. I stayed at level 39 for 2 weeks just because I dreaded having to kill so many damn mobs for so little gain. Sure, it was possible, but it was boring and tedious, NOT fun. And to clear it up, get 90 billion xp is not the most fun. Getting adiquete xp for a good challenge mob is. Why in the hell do you think people killed captains 2 years ago at level 15? Yes, he was good xp, but he was one DAMn good fight. Sometimes your fight would go perfectly and you'd hit all your headbutts or kicks or whatever you did, but other times it would go lousy and you might even die. The thrill was there, and you'd use almost all your hp/mana, but you got a damn good reward for it. Now, in this case the xp was too high. But I personally believe even if he had been half his xp, or maybe even a quarter, people would still have killed him over mobs there own level. I know my last sniper that i leveled got so bored with killing mobs his own level that were no challenge at all that I decided to just toast the dun. In some cases I actually got less xp, but ya know what? It was fun. And thats what counts I think. Not a bunch of numbers that all add up right ect so forth. It was fun to kill him, becasue he was challenging Now, know what would make him more fun? If at the same level I got the xp I deserved for killing someone that high. But thats another story and we get back to the leveling crap. But seriously, xp is really screwed up right now, but just chill, imms like rufus are working on it and maybe others too. Sometimes it just takes a long time to acknoledge a problem and correct it. A good example is the time backstab did like 3 damage with 100 perc :) -Mandarb

From: Mariachi Wednesday, January 06, 10:13PM

Mandarb, you're right, I am being an ass and I apologize, but I still see you as an exception as far as people's attitude goes around here. I'm getting dismayed with people here alot, and the attitude seems to be that fast xp is the thing, people RP so little if ever any more. I've not been here as long as some people, just over a year, sure, but even in that time, i've seen the mud's attitude shift rapidly toward hack-and-slash, almost 100% so. it disappoints me, that a big part of the reason i came here and stayed was that it was a good mud, as far as NOT just being hack n slash. Lots of other attitude shifts evident lately (see Magius' news post for example) are also thoroughly disappointing, angering and upsetting. do apologize for being an ass, however, but can't promise that I'll stop being one. It's who I am, i'm just more vocal about it of late. So um, don't read my posts, or summink, if you don't want to hear my anger at you about your whining about every god damn thing, and if you don't want to listen to my belittling you for whatever irks me. I guess that's all for now, in the future i will try to show some restrain For now, nothing more. Mariachi the thick-skulled sarcastic ass.


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