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susceptible - what does it mean?

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Posted by Zeus on 01/07

The fishshape pretty much makes one susceptible to all types of attacks. But, what does this really mean? Someone told me once that this meant you take 66% more damage. This is not true. If that is how it is supposed to work it is broken. If it is not how, then please explain exactly (yes, use numbers) it does work. If its not something you want to put on a board send me a tell because I really want to know how this works. Question: How does a 385 hitpoint 100dex 100mind char tanke down a 100str/dex fighter with more hitpoints WHILE wearing a fishshape? Barring all the worse for wears, I still got many a round in and it sure didnt seem to me that I was hitting any harder at all. Please explain coders/builders/Rufus? Zeus

From: Rufus Wednesday, January 06, 12:08AM

resistance = 33% less, immune = 66% less immune & resist = no damage at all from that attack type Suscept is 50% more damage Trust me, it works (I have some new mobs in my area that do a fixed amount of damage and they happen to be susceptible to their own attack type, when I fight one against one exactly like it, they demolish instead of massacre). -Ruf

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, January 06, 10:06AM

Hmm sounds good, but since the 50% comes after parrying, blocking and dodg I was thinking the fishshape should be also a +50 or so to AC. That would also make it fairer imo.

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, January 06, 10:08AM

Thats +50 in the bad sense.

From: Davien Wednesday, January 06, 09:43PM

Umm its got no armor and no stats, so you miss out on a very good slot for both of those things. Plus the fishshape sets you to no legs and if I read the last code change right, that means if you fall down in a fight you can't get up again any more. Thats in addition to all those susceptibilities. While you might think this list is not long enough, I would say you should think about adjusting your tactics to take advantage of them. And if you come back and say 'all I can do is headbutt/bash + rage' then I am just going to laugh at you. Davien Holyoake.

From: Adolfus Thursday, January 07, 12:25AM

Fishshapes are pretty stupid, although make them so you cant be stunned or a spell cast on you and they would be um, different, anyway. Not sure if they would be more stupid or less, everyone could wear them then anyway. The sheer stupidity of them makes it hard to judge. And Davien I really kinda doubt, they make it so you cant stand, cuz then you couldnt walk around or anything. Hey that might work, heh, make em so you have to fly to get around or be in water, and throw in -50 mind also.

From: Malach Thursday, January 07, 09:06AM

Actually, I rather like the idea of having water walk added to the fishshape, while making the wearer unable to move in a land-based room unless flying. Would make the fishshape still useable in the quest it's needed for while adding an interesting twist to it.

From: Rufus Thursday, January 07, 11:43AM

The point of the fish shape is mainly the sustained breath it gives. Water walk does not permit entering underwater rooms, otherwise, it's a good idea. -Ruf


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