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Posted by DeathSpawn on 01/06

Somme just plain SUCKS now everything about it SUCKS from the lil healing nurses to the everyone assisting privates that hit like a million times harder and are worth even less xp it just plain SUCKS DeathSpawn -Sommeannoyed-

From: Wraith Wednesday, January 06, 12:11AM

You were level 6. The area was for level 30+. What are you doing there? - Wraith

From: DeathSpawn Wednesday, January 06, 12:56AM

every char i have ever made used somme from about level 5-20 to level off of privates and such.. when iwent there and privates and even nurses assisted it was rather annoying.. and i noticed the change in experience which basically washed up another way for xp.. making this mud one of the hardest ones to level now.. whats next.. quebec and africa gonna become SL-like? i think somme was fine as it was.. and the changes were way too keywords are even hard to get from the mobs there.. sgt instead of sergeant? i mean sergeant should still work at least.. its just a lost area now DeathSpawn -still sommeannoyed-

From: Oxalis Wednesday, January 06, 01:58AM

I have played here for YEARS and have about 10 characters, and somehow I never discovered this area as a levelling ground, as I've always had other favourite areas. So I can't comment on the changes, but the comment about it being the hardest mud to level seems a bit absurd, I've never had any trouble levelling low and mid level chars under the new system without using the this area. While I don't think its a good idea in general to reduce available xp without putting more in other places to compensate, it seems to me that lots of people must have come to rely on one area too much, to react like this. Maybe there are other good places for level 5-20 that you haven't bothered to discover because this one was too easy before. I think if the number of xp mobs for different level ranges gets increased in other areas to compensate and balance things out a bit more, it will improve the situation. Ideally there should be lots of good places for characters of any level to choose from, to encourage exploration and use of all areas. Ox

From: Mariachi Wednesday, January 06, 09:20AM

Well, geez, the nerve of those pesky immortals, making an area where mobs where soloable at 20 levels below or more their level a little harder. What WERE they thinking? It should be that a level 7 char can solo Buxton, a level 30-odd mob. (I've seen it happen). That somehow makes sense, right? more sense than a level 30-ish area being made hard enough for level 30-ish characters. Then of course, there's the idea that maybe, just maybe, newbie characters could stick to newbie areas. Like their hometowns. I realize that this is highly unorthodox a suggestion, right? But damned if I don't find it fastest and easiest to level at least to 10 in every hometown with the exception of Lima, which I've never done. You know all those little mobs that your eyes all gloss right over, that despite being low level, do exist? You can kill them, believe it or not, and when you're a low level, you get a couple hundred xp for them, or more. Try it, you'll be enlightened. As for the totally zany suggestion of exploring OTHER AREAS, well that's just silliness, right? Those big empty areas are just there to fill out the geography, give us something to ignore, trans through, or look for flags, right? No one put hundreds and thousands of hours of effort into making those areas, and they certainly can't be that good if I don't know them, or if I don't know they're easy, right? Am I making sense to anyone? Anyone at all? Mariachi, the increasingly annoyed and sarcastic

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, January 06, 10:19AM

Hmmm, the area is for lev 30s? Well, the XP there isnt worth a level 30s time (when compared to the str of mobs vs XP). The privates were a great mob and nice to level on. This is simply a poor change (the XP not the mob socials) in my opinion. I seriously doubt it if any immort will admit this, but it seems a great many non-imm owned morts seem to think so.@

From: DeathSpawn Wednesday, January 06, 04:17PM

More people than not would tend to agree with me on this subject.. besides, Oxalis, Mariachi, i have been around a while i know where other areas which are good for XP are. I was just noting that this had always been my favorite for a quick experience run... and the experience wasnt even that good its just that there was a lot of mobs... and it adds up fast i thought it was bad enough when they changed the prices of the rifles and gas masks and fastloaders DeathSpawn -Messenger of Death

From: Rictor Wednesday, January 06, 05:57PM

Well, as a frequent traveler of this mud and all its many facets, I'd just like to say that some areas are just used for transes or a quest, or a neat place to hide a flag in, if a imm wants someone to go to a area (which I assume all imms want people to do) then they have to make a area interesting yes? I will also admit that some areas perticularely SHerwood, if they werent in the butt crack of the mud would never be used, except that they're very close to everything. I think the problem is, that the mud is to small, from Sherwood, I bet I could speed type to anywhere and still have a 100 move left over with the possible exception of the dis inn. I dunno where I really went with this, but I guess all I wanna say is places like Tara, Sherwood, London are gonna be big hangouts cuz they allow easy access to everywhere, maybe if we couldnt go anywhere we wanted to in a matter of a minute from these places the mud population would spread a little bit more. I personally think this would add to the imagination of this mud, if it takes you 10 or 12 minutes to go from say Tara to Bengal, make this place seem bigger. Just a few thoughts, Sir Rictor Belmont


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