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Posted by It on 01/07

I brought this up at Q&A I'd like some opinions on it. With Augment able to do a 120HP heal. I think keeping Limans from being able to mix is outrageous. Sure, Limans can brew, but so can the Lotus-Eater. And mix really isn't that great of a skill for a pure druid, it would be much more benificial to a sniper, who likes to use bows and dip quivers into different kinds of potions. But this is just my opinion, lets hear yours.

From: Davien Thursday, January 07, 09:25PM

Sounds good to me, however last time I tried shooting someone with a dipped arrow, only one of the spell effects from the potion worked. Maybe I used the wrong potion, I'll check, but I am pretty sure last time I quaffed that one, I got multiple effects. Still doesn't affect the fact that this would be a good change if the code can s support it. Davien Holyoake.

From: Sterling Thursday, January 07, 09:30PM

Well, I don't know whether or not I'm in favour or against, but I should put in that dip only takes the first affect of the vial, not all. So this would actually not be benefitial to limans at all. While on the subject of the lotus eater, I think that mob is the imbalance, not limans not having mix potion. But I suppose that's another argument. Sterling

From: Adolfus Thursday, January 07, 10:18PM

When you give a mob a skill like the lotus eater, you downgrade the chars that have that skill.


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