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Posted by Trample on 01/09

Most of you remember me, I hope. I was a level 27 sniper before I perma'd (pkill) and I think the system of redemption and unclanning has overlooked something. - Snipers rock at lower levels, this is a given. mage and fighter have quite an advantage. millions and millions of xp in order to retire. "sole even" purpose of pkilling. They prefer not to kill a set of mobs with different rules and restrictions. extremely hard time reaching xp of this caliber. What I am asking is this, if I prefer to stay in a 20-30 pkill range, why am I not to have the same chance at unclanning that a level 50 is? Esp when once you hit level 40 you get attacked quite regularly by level 50's. Xp and pkill have absolutely nothing to do with each other, I don't see the sense in basing retirement on xp to begin with. Instead, like most good MUDS, it should be based on pkill points. Where as if I am good and I win, I gain more points towards my goal, and there could be many incentives that go along with this, use your imagination. Redemption was such a cool idea, but it never should have been made a way to unclan a pkiller, all it does is say that I am a failure if I do not take a char to level 50, which I HIGHLY disagree with. Anyway, alls I'm saying is that at level whatever, as an established pkiller, there should be a way to unclan, whatever way that might be. -Tramp.

From: Trample Thursday, January 07, 10:27PM

that got buggy typing numbers in the start of a sentence, let me redo the first part. -1 - Snipers rock at lower levels, this is a given. -2- once a sniper hits 50, he/she isn't so good anymore, the mage and fighter have quite an advantage. -3- some people (ooc) do not have time to go out and get

From: DeathSpawn Thursday, January 07, 11:14PM

I would have to agree with Trample. Experience in general and Pkill have basically nothing to do with one another, say maybe there could be a seperate Experience.. Pkill Experience - whatever and you must reach a certain amount of Pkill Experience in order to unclan. Along with this, if you die due to pkill.. -not crashing into a mob or anything like that- then you lose Pkill Experience instead of Regular Experience, so it would be impossible to Perma as a result of Pkill This would also lower the signifigance of multi.. and make it not hurt as bad as normal.. and if you wanted you could make it so if a pkiller falls under a certain amount of Pkill Experience, he/she would be autounclanned.. it's just a suggestion and my opinion on the subject Deathspawn, Angel for the Prince of Darkness

From: Malach Thursday, January 07, 11:47PM

Didn't Mo already suggest this in great length, detail and coherence?

From: Christian Friday, January 08, 12:21PM

First off i must say this.. there is a lack of pkers in the 40-50 range because you all think your bait at level 40. This i found was not true when i leveled up... most level 50's that i have spoken to will back off for you to level so they have more pkers to pk with later. Mo and Trample have made good points on a new way to retire. I am all for a point system so be it that the points get lower as your level gets higher.. thus encouraging more higher level pk. Sir Christian Valor.. one of the many bored high level pkers

From: DeathSpawn Friday, January 08, 01:06PM

could also implement something like.. Pkill level.. or something to that e effect Deathspawn - Angel for the Prince of Darkness

From: Aphrael Friday, January 08, 03:35PM

If you will get some point for kill, then everyone will want to perma others. Aphrael, the small Goddess

From: Conspiracy Friday, January 08, 05:24PM

no, people would not want to perma someone else and risk losing points for doing such, if you get my drift. you could also do this for multi.

From: Zeus Saturday, January 09, 11:48AM

Hmmm Ill make a new post...


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