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Posted by LadyAce on 01/13

The PR department is working on an expansion to the OOC, and we would like to hear your suggestions. Right now, we're adding: City Hall, complete with an election bureau (where immorts poll players on new ideas, also will have copies of boards) and a hall of records (perfect for recording births, deaths, and marriages). A living library, including a cozy cafe, reading rooms, and wandering figures of literature and historical experts, to quote poetry to you, tell you stories, or provide historical background on Legend areas. Some civic service buildings, including a post office and the LT newspaper office. Some fun spots, like a disco, and the chapel of elvis. New shops, including a funeral parlor. Plus all the current OOC features which you've come to know and love. Beyond this list of ideas, what would you include in the OOC? We've let our imaginations go wild, so where would yours lead? Please append with your suggestions. -LadyAce

From: T-Bone Friday, January 08, 04:11PM

A pkill Arena where you don't have to be clanned to pkill, you don't leave items in your corpse and it costs no xp when you die. Sure it'd mean the current clan system would die but it's pretty close to dead already!

From: DeathSpawn Friday, January 08, 04:14PM

How about a hall study or something.. a hall of rooms that have locks that can only be locked from the inside.. for privacy and just a place to come and sit quiet and mind your own business that automatically unlock themselves whent he room is abandoned im sure this wouldnt take much code.. what are your ideas?

From: Rictor Friday, January 08, 05:01PM

No DeathSpawn we dont need mudsex rooms thankyou much. Sir Rictor Belmont

From: DeathSpawn Friday, January 08, 06:08PM

-whap rictor- was thinking more along the lines of NO possible way people other than imms could get in Deathspawn - -wonders what corrupted the Knights of Legend these days-

From: Mandarb Friday, January 08, 07:19PM

I personally feel that instead of additions to places that don't really EXPAND legend should be on the back burner, while things like areas that affect us in a more IC way and trees should be on the front. In reality legend isn't that big. Its just a lot of room and time transes th that make it feel kinda big. I think it was rictor who pointed out you can trans almost instantly from one place to another, and because of this its really a small world. on a totally unrelated topic, I'd really like to see some NEW, not revised, indus areas. INdus is by far the most ignored era and it would be nice to see some new indus type gear and guns ect. Just a thought. -Mandarb

From: Celeste Saturday, January 09, 12:15AM

Silly Rictor. Of -course- we need more mudsex rooms. -Duck- -Flee- Celeste de Rais P.S. Satin sheets and the like in those rooms would be nice...

From: LadyAce Saturday, January 09, 12:46AM

In response to Mandarb -- the OOC expansion is being worked on by the PR department. Expanding the mud itself is really the realm of the building department, and a whole lot more work to balance and make functional, than the OOC. So don't worry, the work on OOC won't affect the speed at which regular areas get done. -LadyAce

From: Zeus Saturday, January 09, 11:51AM

The muds needs: more +5stat eq, more Q5 weapons, more xp mobs, more rooms, more time transes. On the topic of OOC -- I only look at boards and I have bitched to have them moved IC to no avail.... hmmm if want to make OOC stuff that used by actaul players, then make the food and drinks so that you can take them IC -- or maybe have a seperate store of stuff that can be brought IC. WHile your at it -- how about a coupon store where you can but thats buy, coupons for say 100k and halfs for say 60k. Also, maybe sell a few moveable strings like the prize machine for say 75k. THe prices are whatever you want I just threw out some numbers. Seriously, who would want to go to a library on a mud that doesnt have books? Well, not me I guess I'll just use the real thing. Z

From: Ksia Sunday, January 10, 09:37AM

re: Zeus What the mud needs: 1) More players who make requests, rather than demands 2) More players with a mature attitude who realize that their playing style is not the only one around 3) Players who realize that there are people who use the OOC for many purposes 4) Players who actually read what the immortals are saying (she says 'living library' and from what I gather, that means being able to read books from the public domain... not sure if you were around when Ptah was spouting his ideas for the library, but this was one of them) 5) Players who realize that mobs, rooms, eq, doesn't appear magically From what I've seen, it takes a builder anywhere between 6months and 3 years to produce a quality area on here (yes, I've been around that long) Re: LadyAce I think the OOC expansion is a great idea, and if I come up with anything cool, I'll let you know. Ksia the Frail

From: Zeus Sunday, January 10, 03:32PM

Your obviously a jack ass Ksia. Hmm, well thats my 2 cents on your post. If by chance your also an immort's mort -- have the balls to post with your immort -- if not then I hope you enjoy the OOC additions -- I am sure LA will do a wonderful job.

From: Sandra Sunday, January 10, 11:09PM

Well, I must say, Zeus, that is probably the most immature post that I've seen in quite some time. I commend you on it. I'm sure it must have taken quite some thought and effort to stoop so low as to not only call someone a jack ass, but to accuse them of being an immort hiding on a mortal character. Her post seemed to be a general one, not naming you specifically except that she was replying to your append first, and then to LadyAce's original post. Again, congrats on the immaturity, hopefully its just a temporary condition. Sandra

From: Adolfus Monday, January 11, 01:16AM

I think the idea zues was trying to put across was one of disgust. I won't try to read his mind any further than that, but merely point out that from my point of view ksia did seem to be talking about zeus specifically. Hell of course she/he was it came right after and said re:zeus, secondly I thought the post ksia was referring too didn't demand instead of request, didn't show an immature attitude, didn't show someone who didn't realize others had a different use for the ooc, and finally didn't particulary show that he hadn't read the previous posts. And even if this ooc library does have real books, I doubt many would disagree that it would be difficult to take the place of a real book, or books. You know other muds, medievia for one, have books in the game that you can read, although usually only a few pages. Secondly, given what looks like such a false reading of Zeus' post I could see where he was coming from in his less mature post, here Zeus has went to the trouble of posting his views about the idea and what he thinks the mud needs and get bashed by someone that if not an imms mort, appears to hold the same point of view. There was nothing wrong with Zeus' first post, and here ksia is harassing him trying to shut him up it sounds like. I think the mud needs less people making posts like ksia's. Also I don't find Zeus' questioning who Ksia is that surprising considering it was a major putdown of Zeus by a char I have never heard of, though I haven't been around much I assume Zeus has never heard of them either, along with the throwing in how they been around for three years, it looks to me anyway like it wasn't much above logging on a guest char and bashing someone. An unfortunate turn of events however you look at it, whee. Danka schoen adolfus/beam

From: Adolfus Monday, January 11, 01:48AM

Oh another thing, I think T-bone had a good post about adding a pkill arena to ooc. Also theres other things you could add, which you can all look at by going to medievia, and checking their ooc, which you enter by typing link. Some of the things are, slot machines, which uses ic money, a pkill arena where no xp loss or eq loss, Polls rooms, where you answer a series of questions, and then afterwards you can see the running totals by percentage how each question was answered. Theres an option instead of emailing expies, could just have a poll ooc. Thats just a start, and please no comments like, oh I can't remember why I disliked medievia, I'm not saying legend should turn into medievia, just theres a few things that legend could learn from it.

From: Sabella Monday, January 11, 09:08AM

Bah, you're over-sensitive. I know I've been to Medievia. I know there was -some- reason I didn't like it, and I really can't remember what it was. Might not even exist anymore. I like to go to other muds for a bunch of reasons, and there's some I like in various ways. Some of the ones that have the neatest new ideas I've seen, and bigger options in character creations and mob interaction and stuffes like that have awful user interfaces, but I don't remember that being the case with here. Anyways, if you mention a mud in general conversation as 'what do you think of this' or even just talking like 'mud has...' etc, and i've been there and feel like taking part inthe conversation, likely i'll give some sort of comment like 'i liked this, didn't like that etc.'... that comment was of that same general nature and there's no need for you to throw a fit over it. btw, the poll stuff seems like a good idea, and yours are the first ideas i've seen up here for ooc that actually answer the question, rather than just saying 'we don't need any ooc stuff, go build or code instead' :p. so put up some more ideas if you have them. Sabella

From: T-Bone Monday, January 11, 08:21AM

-Nod- I've been meaning to post about some of the things that could be borrowed from medievia but I doubt it'd happen. One being NO WAITING, shops open all hours, regen to full in no time, fast repop times on mobs, no WAITING quests etc. You can read news and use chat channels while sleeping even though regen is super fast anyway. Identify is free in donation rooms & for spellcasters and cheap for other classes.. It must put people off coming from other MUDs not being able to find out whether what you're wearing is worth peeing on til lvl 10. MOST eq on mobs is at least worth something to someone. More areas aren't needed to increase the amount of useable eq here. There's plenty of useful wands, staffs, potions, scrolls etc, they're cheap and you're not limited to just a few as you are here because of rent. Basically, the IMM's are generous and the players appreciate it shown by up to 500 odd players online. ------- I'd like to leave on that point but there's a whole lot more that medievia has which I'd like to see here.. I'm not trying to convert players to play elsewhere btw. I still feel Legend has a better look & feel and seems more polished in what it has. Other things include: No xp loss from death! Yes you heard right, why should your poor link or circumstance set you back an hour or 2 after all. You do however get turned into a zombie and need to wait 10 mins before praying at an altar will restore you. Items aren't left on your corpse either, they're restored when you are. A much better system IMO. Everyone is able to pkill but only in certain areas, most are no pkill, others are NPK and then there's CPK. If you get killed in NPK, you lose nothing and are pretty much were you were b4 dying only transfered out and requiring a heal. CPK is more like what we have here, I haven't even visited such zones and probably won't til I can hold my own. Then there's Herobattles where you may wager on them with the odds dynamically changing as the bets are made, You can even watch these fights with mindlink which is similar to what I'm paranoid about here, the IMM's snoop command! :) There's kingdoms, armies, castles and whole clan towns which are created by the players with items sold in shops supplied by clan members. A whole lot of depth which I believe is just as important as the amount and size of areas in the game. Just one more for now, and the most important to me.. Not being able to screw up your character by wasting prac points! A certain rare item may be found which loads randomly on any mob in the game may be offered at a place for prac points. You may also venture into the catacombs and collect eggs which will get you a lesser amount of pracs but are also required for multiclassing which in turn keeps the economy rolling as they fetch high prices along with other randomly loaded items. Hmm, I'd better stop here, I usually skip most LONG posts :)

From: T-Bone Monday, January 11, 10:12AM

Speaking of the economy, isn't it about time the old auction was put back in? I'm curious as to how it was exploited and whether it was really worth yanking in the first place. Perhaps I'm lazier than most but I'm more likely to leave eq on the ground or sell it in shops than auction things manually and have to meet up with the buyer.

From: Zeus Monday, January 11, 05:54PM

Yes, my 2nd append was rather silly. I personally think that post was (is) aimed at me personally. That's fine, I had forgot about it til I read the next few appends actaully. If you (read: Imms) I logged a but about 5 minutes after I posted it that you cannot (damn typo) thats 'If you (read: Imms) check I logged a bug' err, where was I -- oh yeah -- erase appends. I do not have any idea if that is an Imm's mort or not it was a stab in the dark in anger. I think OOC updates are cool, and I thought I suggested lots of things I personally would like to see OOC. You (read: morts) have to admit if you could buy coupons OOC (they are OOC things still right?) for say 200K you would be gathering cash waaayyyyyy more than you do now. I think I turned off my 'get coins corpse' trigger about 2 years ago. Anyways...... Z

From: Jehovah Monday, January 11, 09:46PM

You know what would be nice in OOC? a sort of nice, outdoors setting... =) maybe a beach, or a glade, or something that just would be a nice place to take a breather and relax. Umm.. the current OOC could end up becoming a building complex which has an exit to such a place :) As it is... kinda feels like my office building at Bell Labs IMHO =P -- Jehovah

From: Adolfus Monday, January 11, 11:46PM

Im not really all that sensitive Sabella, I didn't really know what you meant by that statement, which is why I didn't mention it to you, just wanted to kinda state how I felt suggestions from other muds are usually recieved. The suggestions are usually taken as a whole, or worse the whole mud is taken as a whole and then either the suggestion is dismissed totally even when it might have some good points, or the suggestion isn't even considered cuz the mud its taken from is a joke. This is probably just a false perception from us players but I wanted to go head and guard against it by mentioning it. Us players are kinda sensitive about our suggestions I would admit that tho hehe.

From: LadyAce Wednesday, January 13, 09:36AM

Some people asked about the exact meaning of the living library. I know that the 'books in the public domain' suggestion has been part of the idea behind the library for some time, but I had a slightly different usage for them than simply trying to recreate your web browser when visiting project gutenburg. Just as the mud aims to bring history and myth to life, so also the library has an ideal of bringing books and facts to life, in a way that gameplay doesn't allow in the regular mud. Imagine, for example, that you pull a book on Edgar Allan Poe from the shelf. As you pull on the book, it bursts into flames in your hands, and from the smoke rises the shade of Poe himself. He quotes you a bit of poetry, or a particularly chilling line from his stories, and disappear s. Or, perhaps you pull a book on heraldry from the shelf. Trumpets sound, and out steps a knight in full armor, who will answer questions about the proper terminology and composition of a coat of arms. My intention for the library is for it to provide resources to players on a wide variety of RP subjects, to allow builders to include technical information which doesn't fit into their areas, etc. In building these areas and developing characters, imms and players often do a great deal of research, making them a sort of expert on the topic. Yet without a method of preserving some of this information, their efforts are not as beneficial to others as they might be. Take, for instance, the role of women in ancient Celtic society. A builder can do lots of work to bring that role to life in an area, to make various facts clear by the actions of the people. But Tara is not intended as a history lesson, so not all the details (which might make for some interesting roleplay) can be included in the area. On the other hand, if you the player wish to RP a Celtic woman, you might not want to do a vast amount of research in order to make your character realistic. Sure, a library cannot replace this exhaustive research. But, since those people who have done this research have, in turn, the ability to distill their research into RP parameters, they can share those parameters with others. Tancred, for example, might aid us in creating a mob which gives some basic information about Templars, their attitudes, and habits. Enough for you to make a start at creating a Templar yourself, and to get you going on any areas of further study you might want to do. One of our vampire-type characters might share some of the terminology associated with vampires, the myths and stories, sources for other information. My particular area of study is the middle east, so I might make a book which discusses the Ottoman empire, or Islam, or more details on the Crusades that I didn't find a place for in my area. In this way, I hope for the library to act as an 'institutional memory bank' of some sort -- which might have no interest whatsoever to some of you, but which I hope would be helpful to others of you. I have found that so many of our players are incredible experts on a particular topic, and no one even realizes it, or has a comfortable method of learning from them I did not take the time to flesh this out before, and I apologize for that -- I was attempting to make my post on the OOC expansion short enough that people would be able to append freely without being encumbered by my longwinded style of explanation :) But here you have it, whether you really meant to ask or not! -LadyAce

From: Danar Wednesday, January 13, 09:51PM

I doublepluslove the idea of a library, especially a mob one. I think it'd be a real help to those of us who RP.... Danar


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