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Posted by Edward' on 01/12

-Boggle- why would a mob that has no signifigance anymore be worth a lousy 20k... the 2nd or 3rd strongest mob in the game and she's been embarrassed with that low amount of XP.. tsk tsk =p It took us 3 hours to kill that mob.. shoulda been worth a tad bit more than that Edward Scissorhands, Bonsai Master - {Bonsai}

From: Rufus Saturday, January 09, 06:28AM

Guess you've learned your lesson and will probably never try something like that again, eh? She's not meant to be killed. -Ruf

From: T-Bone Saturday, January 09, 09:32AM

So make her immortal so others don't waste their time.

From: Rufus Saturday, January 09, 10:45AM

Guess the message is out =) I dunno, generally a stat of 10K hps generally would deter me from trying. And my personal opinion on immortal mobs is they're good only for daemons, except in rare cases. I like everything killable. Just because it's killable doesn't mean it's not going to be a waste of time or useless. -Ruf

From: Zeus Saturday, January 09, 11:56AM

Give her a +5stat shield - muahahahah Z

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 09, 03:59PM

Maybe you should rethink your gaming, rufus, or study smore. Mob xp should be directly related to how hard they are, or they should be unkillable. Not this silly crap, we got now.

From: LadyAce Saturday, January 09, 04:28PM

Ah, now, that's a little rude, isn't it Adolfus? Goodness. Plenty of mobs in the game are far, far, far too hard for their xp. Some of those due to lack of adjustment, but we're talking about those that aren't worth killing, by design. There are bona fide game design reasons for making some mobs very difficult to kill -- some innkeepers, shopkeepers, quest mobs, and trans mobs, for example. And while different builders may make different decisions about which mobs they make in the 'nowhere near worth killing' category, there's no reason to expect that you can stick a weapon in any mob you like, and get the same results. -LadyAce

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 09, 06:01PM

There are valid reasons to make a mob very difficult to kill, and for those same reasons, you can make them unkillable. And I don't see it as particulary rude. Not everyone can check the hp on mobs, and sure its fine giving mobs 10k hp and making them worth nothing when your an imm. Basically I see it as screwing with players. Oh lets give this mob a billion xp and make it worth no xp that outa make em remember never to try that again, when a simple !nokill flag would be easier. If you want to give something a billion xp oops a billion hp, then make it worth a billion xp, if you dont want ppl killing it make it unkillable. If !nokill flag really bother your sensibilities then rip them out of the game.

From: Ronnie Saturday, January 09, 06:57PM

Just having it be immortal isnt very much fun. And how would this screw with people? Just dont kill the mob if it doesnt give a good reward, or do you have to have it your way so you dont accidentally try to kill it again?

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 09, 07:06PM

Ronnie I didn't kill any mobs in the first place, someone else started the thread. Its screwing with ppl by making a mob hard and it not being worth anything. Not everyone can check mobs hp. I can, but not all can. This isn't about me, I don't post in order that my char gain something. I just disagree with the theory of making mobs hard and worth no xp, while leaving in mobs that are unkillable. The fact that there are mobs unkillable would lead some to believe that if a mob is killable then it should be worth good xp. This is mainly for those people that have never killed the mob before, although with the way the mud is, one would have to recheck mobs xp every once in a while to see if imms have updated the xp. Screwing with players as its basically a joke on them. Oo we made this hard mob but didnt give it any xp, even though most other mobs we dont want you to kill are unkillable. I don't think its a hard concept to follow, even if its not very important.

From: Edward' Saturday, January 09, 07:16PM

The way i see it is that if a mob that has 10k hps and hits for near 250 hp a round max.. is only worth 20k xp its just in general ridiculous. I mean.. i learned more fighting Ferdia than i ever would have fighting herne/skatha/cuch or any of the other big time xp mobs.. I just think as far as toughness/xp goes.. there should be some type of bonus given to players with the ability to kill mobs like ferdia... i mean jesus why didnt you just make allof SL 10-20k xp mobs then? or give mobs like dirty brats or whatever make them worth 100k.. its the same thing all in all.. xp should be given out due to how tough the mob is.. not due to whether you want the mob killed more often it was just rather disappointing wasting all of that time fighting her for 3-4 hours i had really hoped she would be worth something well thats my 2nd 2 cents on this matter Edward Scissorhands - Bonsai Master {Bonsai} read board 42 10 bahhh

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 09, 07:26PM

Heh, thats even more ridiculous, if you wanted to give the message not kill it, it would make more sense if it was 0 xp, or unkillable. Not the standard 20k xp, makes you look like you just forgot to set the xp right.

From: Rufus Monday, January 11, 04:43AM

Ferdia will be worth more next update... no guarantee she'll be actually worth killing, but she will be worth more than she was. -Ruf

From: Geri Monday, January 11, 07:38AM

make her 25k ;) -smooch- -wink- Geri Halliwell - GIRL POWER!

From: Rufus Monday, January 11, 01:46PM

I thought about 20404 =)

From: Fright Tuesday, January 12, 07:19AM

Rufus said that Ferdia was't supposed to be killed, I am just wondering why not? She doesn't do anything anymore, you could at least make her useful now, via xp, eq, or a quest or something. Why have a mob that's useless? Firght


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