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Posted by Adolfus on 01/13

I know this is gonna be very imflammatory, but how about making it so that all food items on the mud, included food as a keyword.

From: DeathSpawn Wednesday, January 13, 03:33AM

oops.. didn't mean to eat that cured fish. Oops.. didn't mean to eat that filet of Golden Ram. Oops... jeez.. couldn't help it, those mushrooms just looked too good! heh i don't think it's such a good idea =p DeathSpawn - Angel for the Prince of Darkness

From: Bao-Jian Wednesday, January 13, 04:02AM

I think DeathSpawn eloquently summed that up. Bao-Jian

From: T-Bone Wednesday, January 13, 06:04AM

Bloody hell, why don't you people think for a change. It needn't be on ALL food.

From: Kaige Wednesday, January 13, 09:38AM

Well, the easiest and quickest and most fair way would to be to make this change at the code level, so as to not take time away from the builders working on new areas and updating the hometowns and various other tasks to get the areas in shape. If the eat command went through your inventory and just ate the first "FOOD" object it found, you'd indeed have problems as DeathSpawn pointed out. However, it'd be pretty handy. It could probably be done so it only took objects loose in inventory, not in containers tho. -Kaige

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 13, 01:38PM

Yah your right deathspawn that would be a problem, I didnt state it cuz its sorta obvious, kaige is right too in how it should be coded. What would need to be done would be for those few food items that shouldn't have food as a keyword, like the items you mentioned, would need to be changed, after the global keyword was added.


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