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Posted by Nosferatu on 01/13

You know how you people always create a test port for new areas and what not that usually just become pkill free for alls? Why not leave that port open with a mob that restores or something. Where people can test their alts out on pkill, and relieve tension instead of dragging it into the RP atmosphere. Noooo... dont say no, just Do it! ah ah ah, do it! Nosferatu - The Camel of few words, and lotsa action

From: Rufus Wednesday, January 13, 09:30AM

Impossible with the current system. It's okay for a few hours and only a couple areas, but if start two full testmuds the machine grinds to a complete halt. -Ruf

From: Collins Wednesday, January 13, 02:18PM

What about a very small arena area on the other port, with a couple mobs and a way to restore? Don't think that the whole mud needs to be run twice at the same time... Lieutenant Collins

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 13, 02:36PM

To play devils advocate, they are gonna say, we dont want to have to monitor another port. Even if cursing is allowed, or not, which could cause its own set of problems, it would need to be monitored for bugs, bugs at least that crashed both muds. Second they are probably thinking, if we wanted an arena anyone could fight in, we would code it in the regular mud area. They only signed on for supported whats part of legendmud and if its not here then tuff luck, go pkill on carnage or something. They got there own agenda to work on and support, and giving any amount of resources to something not even on the same port as legend, isnt in the gameplan. Id think youd have better luck arguing for a type of arena that anyone could fight in on the regular mud. Which was being considered a while back. still havent gotten confirmation if the challenge wood was part of this code, but we did find out last pkill tourney, about what is called on other muds, mindlink, where you watch a fight between others from a distance.


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