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Posted by LadyAce on 01/14

Hi all, One of the threads above raised a question about housing, so I thought I would spin it off into a separate thread and respond that way. As far as I know, clan halls will be eliminated under housing, and roll over into the housing system. That's why immortals consider housing to be a big win with the way we deal with clans. Clans will be free-forming -- 5 of you get together, and make one. That means you don't need to worry about when we open or close to new clans, we don't have to hardcode your transmobs, descriptions, etc. In addition (and this is all 'as far as I know' because I am NOT the designer of housing) this means an elimination of transmobs, and would allow your clan to potentially maintain a system of 'safe houses' all over the mud (that is, of course, if you can pay for it). Housing for the pkenabled will draw from a central account if the group is organized as a clan, if it's simply a rogue player, they'll pay for it from their own account. The exact details of access control, in particular the level of invadeability that we'll have prior to housing, I'm not as sure of. The system, as far as I know, will include the ability to purchase locks with different levels of sophistication and qualities, and some sort of guarding mob. My suggestion (though I will not claim it as a unique idea) is that we have mobs of varying difficulty available for this purpose, so that a clan might maintain a central location with a great deal of 'guarding' and various 'safe house' type locales with a lower level of guarding (the former being intended to keep out invaders, the latter intended to provide a person on the run with some respite). Oops -- above where I say "invadeability" that we'll have prior to housing, I mean "invadeability" that we'll have prior to PETS. I just don't want to go back and fix it :). At any rate, I hope this makes the direction of things a little more clear, and I hope that Rufus or Ea will append with any amendments they might have :) -LadyAce

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, January 13, 04:06PM

'form ' sounds great I cant wait -- but the original question (mostly for a coder I guess) is still there -- when can we get this? If not soon, can we get two to three clans like the current ones added (depending on interest). I really dont think writing 4 - 6 room descs (you can make the GMs do it) and adding som keywords to 6 mobs per clan to trans you can take that much time. Its a matter of someone saying "Hey Ill do this" and doing it and also a matter for us players to step forward and say "Hey, I want PK to be around and I will work for it". Maybe there wont be enough interest -- I'm not sure. I know the Clan Grendel is using a 'borrowed' hall. The DE's could use a There surely seems to be enough pk-enabled pirates walking about to form some clan. We have a NPH clan -- what about a NPKH clan? Its a thought - think about the small amount of time it would take, how players would view and the rewards of it before anyone imms jump up and say its not worth it for houseing and trees. I guess if housing will be done in a couple weeks, then dont do it. But somehow, no offense, I think it will be more like several months + test ti Zep

From: Ma Wednesday, January 13, 04:32PM

From: Collins Wednesday, January 13, 05:17PM

I agree with Zepp's post. People are complaining that pkill is stagnant lately, and the fact that there are few new or active clans around these days has a lot to do with it. No, you don't need a clanhall to pkill, but those with halls seem to be the more active characters around here. Like Zepp says, if it's a couple of weeks away (housing) then don't worry about it, but allowing 3 new pkill clans doesn't seem to cause anything bad to happen, and will likely add some more action/rp/people to the pkill environment. Lieutenant Collins, SAS

From: Ea! Wednesday, January 13, 07:22PM

As for timing on housing, we don't have a solid date for it yet, though we're getting pretty close to that point. For the most part, it's working, though there are still some features that need adding, bugs that need removing, and so forth. Builder now have the basic information that they need in order to build housing zones for their areas, which means that when they go in, there should be some housing options available across the mud. (Not necessarily in every area: not ever builder will want to make housing available in their area, of course.) -Ea!

From: Mandarb Wednesday, January 13, 08:11PM

I guess I have just one question: Will there be enough realeste for all the people that want it? If not, are they're plausible reasons for this or ways to fix the problem? Just wonderin.

From: Zeppelin Wednesday, January 13, 08:15PM

If you cant set a date then it sounds like more than several weeks (which is fine, I would like to see it done right). So how about it -- couple few new clans?

From: Sandra Wednesday, January 13, 08:55PM

Housing is closer than most think. For that reason, and the reason that I would rather get my areas ready for it, I'm not going to go through adding any new clans. As I said when I took the last two (one of which fell through btw, because no one was seeking them), I'm not going to take any more until housing goes in. It is a bit of work to add new clans, no matter who writes the room descriptions. And, I'm sorry, but currently, its not work that I wish to do, when I can be doing other things to get ready for a code change that will pull all of the work that I would have just done back out again. There are a few clans with low members currently, and two clans that were disbanded because of low member- ship already. I don't agree that there is a need for new ones because of that reason, until housing goes in, and I don't have to spend the extra time keeping track of it all. That may sound selfish, but currently, it is alot of work, and not something that I want to add to, only to have it removed shortly thereafter. I'm sure that this append will get rather harsh results as well, and all I can honestly say is that when I took the last clans, I did say that would be it until housing. Sandra

From: Fright Wednesday, January 13, 09:16PM

Well Sandra, housing was also supposed to be in before christmas if I recall correctly. It's not. I can't fathom why the fact that the current clan rosters aren't full is reason not to make new clans either, maybe I am missing something. But there are clans that exist now with very poor turnout. Some people just don't desire to join a clan that has no one else on to help/heal/defend/praise them or whatever. There are a few clans that are on the clan list that are pretty dead too I think. I understand that housing is close (but it was also close about a year ago from what I was told by the imms as a whole), if it's going in soon (less than 2 months) I can understand not wanting to go through the work of making a couple new clanhalls for what would be a very short time. But whatever your estimate is now for putting housing in, I suggest you triple it. The imm staff seems to show a lot of optimism when they set their deadlines. If housing is at least 2 months away by your best guess, then I expect its 6... In the meantime some clans would be nice to play with. I am not trying to single out anyone for their estimates, because I know how hard it is to estimate timelines such as this. No matter what it is you are projecting a completeion date for, be it code, completing building your house, or changing the stereo in your car, it always takes longer than you think. Fright

From: Ea! Wednesday, January 13, 10:31PM

We never gave a timeline that had housing go in before Christmas. We specifically avoided any time lines for it. -Ea!

From: Adolfus Wednesday, January 13, 11:56PM

Um, I don't really see any need for any temporary clanhalls to be added, join whats available, or if they dont want you stay rogue. Maybe a compromise could be made making all saferooms no recall. If clanhalls are gonna be ripped I see no need to make new ones. Doh, and my pkill char is a grendel! Hope they don't kill me, hehe.

From: Ma Thursday, January 14, 07:04AM

Sorry but I must bring up other MUD's once again :) I think it was Dragon Swords where at great expense you were able to add such things as fountains, a healer, exits to other areas in the MUD so in this case if you had a house in Tara and one in Sherwood you could go directly between both places. There were many other options I can't remember now but these things alone would encourage people to clan as well as boosting the economy somewhat.

From: Ma Thursday, January 14, 07:15AM

Ooh, I just thought of another! Being able to purchase abilities for the hall clan mob, tform, preserve, cure light once/tick. -drool- The mob among other hall improvements could be captured by other clans too making for some interesting pkill scenarios.

From: Fright Thursday, January 14, 08:37AM

Ea! I distictly remember Rufus saying in a Q&A about 6 months ago that housing would be in before christmas, and the imms that were at the Q&A were agreeing with him. (not sure if you were one of those imms or not) Fright

From: Mariachi Thursday, January 14, 09:10AM

Hm, just one small comment on supposed deadlines, I believe that what Rufus said was, he hoped to have a date by Christmas. I'm fairly certain he did not say housing would be in, and I KNOW he didn't promise. Mariachi, who wonders why

From: Rufus Thursday, January 14, 12:13PM

Unexpected things come up. One being I got a promotion at work and have had rapidly increasing numbers of responsibilities along with being on call for 6 hours a day that I'm not actually at work. I had hoped to have it in by christmas, but I haven't had the chance to work on it until recently. The builders now havev the specs for the area file sections required to drive housing, and I'm putting the final polishes on the clanhall and access elements of the code. -Ruf

From: Adolfus Thursday, January 14, 01:26PM

Gratz on the promotion rufus, hope you got a big raise too.


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