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Posted by Agni on 01/14

With the amount required to unclan atm, I think it should be possible for the chars who reach/reached unclanning eligibility to have an option of remaining clanned, while their players are allowed to clan another char. Xplaying would be way too obvious for them to indulge in them, and maybe they should only be allowed their pk status in select areas (such as the challenge wood) just so ppl can sort of request a fight with chars that were built under a different system, or simply for clanned folk to have a diversion from the boring repetitive faces they face every day. Agni

From: Nosferatu Thursday, January 14, 02:34AM

I must agree with this comment by Agni, though I really enjoy my life as a fighter, I am fairly limited to what skills and tactics I can use. I feel that to unclan would be a disappointment to my friends and clan-mates as I am one of the few original founders still in my own clan that I created. I long to try another style pkiller, yet my heart cannot bear to consider unclanning after the many months it took to build a clan hall not to mention the countless months of proving that we were worthy. To unclan is not an option in my eyes, and to be able to try other pkillers out has been a dream of mine for awhile... Nosferatu - GM of the Disciples

From: Ma Thursday, January 14, 07:29AM


From: Fright Thursday, January 14, 08:40AM

Not sure if I read it right, but agni you are suggesting that once you reach 100 mil or 50 mil xp, you are mature enough to have multiple pkillers without crossplaying? (Maybe I missed the point) But I can think of more than one person that falls into the unclanable range (or did) and definately hadn't learnt not to X-play. However, I think the idea of being able to fight old, archived pkillers under this system would be great fun. Maybe running a permanent pkill port arena would solve this. (lots of work, I know) Fright


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