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one more cool think on Medievia

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Posted by Zeppelin on 01/17

When a spell is affecting you, you can see on score/status how many ticks it has left on it. And (heres the cool part) at any time you can recast it and the time remaining goes back to full. How many times have you had to wait for a spell to wear off to start a duel or fight, cause you know a spell is going to wear off in a tick? Wouldnt it be great to simply recast it a bit early and restart the timer? Not sure the amount of coding involved in the latter part of this -- but I think it would be a nice additional feature that has little downside. Zep

From: Mo Thursday, January 14, 11:35PM

One annoyance I can foresee is poison, both it not going away for a long time and also getting spammed "Poison courses through your veins" every time. Same with idiocy, clumsy, and whatever else that happens to be on weapons. Besides, you can always rent all the way out and then recast spells :) Mo!

From: Adolfus Thursday, January 14, 11:40PM

For realism's sake the messages could be surpressed if you already had the spell on you, naturally if your fighting something thats poisoning you, your gonna be more poisoned each time you get bit or whatever in rl, so a full spell from last bite wouldn't be so bad. On the otherhand it could be made so that only beneficial spells could be made so that they could be refressed. When you recast your spells on medievia it doesn't give you the message over again, it just says you cast spell and use so and so amount of mana.

From: Mo Thursday, January 14, 11:45PM

Personally, having it show the number of ticks left in the spell would be nice, but it would be like having an option to show the exact amount of damage being done instead of seeing the messages. Some things I guess were decided in terms of game design to look the way they do, and I personally don't have much trouble keeping up with the remaining cast time on my spells, or having to wait for spells to wear off -- in general, i simply cast them during the pk-bout if necessary, or if i am paranoid, i rent out then recast. Mo!

From: Mariachi Friday, January 15, 02:56PM

I'm going to be slightly blunt: If Medivia or whatever it's called is so friggin great, why are you here, trying to make Legend into it, instead of there, where all is as you like it? Mariachi

From: Adolfus Friday, January 15, 03:02PM

Mariachi you got a problem with people making suggestions? If you got some reason which you think makes one of these reasons bad, then post it right up here where we can see it. Otherwise your just making yourself look foolish. As a matter of fact im playing medievia right now. Its far from perfect, but it has some cool things, I dont hear anyone saying medievia is better than legend or that we even prefer it. I mainly prefer it right now because ive played legend for a long time, and there isnt much to explore. Think you need to take a chill pill.

From: Ma Friday, January 15, 03:11PM

From: Mariachi Friday, January 15, 10:15PM

I have no problem with people making suggestions. It just seems that several people have been touting Medievia so much, they'd be better spending their time there instead of here trying to change things. They are separate MUDs, and it doesn't seem that people want their separate MUDs to be different. As much as y'all have a right to suggest, I have a right to get peeved and vent, so practice what you preach, hm? I hardly have suggestions for improving Legend, when I do i post them. I've said before, if my harsh tone offends you, don't read my posts. I am a blunt, direct person. I won't say things I don't think, and I will say exactly what I do think. And what I think is that people take this as a complaint board rather than a discussion board, Mariachi the thick-skulled

From: Mo Friday, January 15, 10:22PM

mmm. ppl don't 'vent' here against each other mostly... mostly it's a board where players discuss possible things that can be done about the code, not player-behavior... which I doubt can be coded into the system unless I am an unwitting participant in some mind-altering project somebody has setup.. good front tho, if it is, btw. It's hard not to read posts simply because we see who it is that's authored it -- read next doesn't gag posts from certain people. As far as making suggestions and comparing this place to another mud goes, I think it's a perfectly valid source of inspiration (or copying) for ideas -- but of course, having a base system that is this different, it will be hard to find something that's translatable. In general tho, it is my impression that this mud is ultimately much more player-friendly than most other muds, once you get past the learning curve -- other than for those extremeley competitive types, you don't lose much an edge because you have been inactive for a few months. Medievia, on the other hand, if i remember correctly, set you in a pretty big hole if you were inactive, having those nifty crystals, eggs and whatnot pop up forcing pkers (players) to be online lots. In sum, this mud has a lot of things going, and it happens to be some of our interests to try to offer suggestions we see as helpful in keeping this place interesting. If you can't read and dismiss suggestions simply based on their merit as opposed to an annoyed reaction over the mentioning of some other mud, it is you who shouldn't be reading this board. Mo!

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 16, 06:28AM

Haha, agree Mo. Your right maracki, you got a right to post whatever you want as long as it isnt curse words I reckon. You might consider actually adding something to the discussion though. If you don't want me to read your posts, dont post them. You see I have no problem with pointing out how stupid they are. Or with reading them. As for the xp thoughts, and how high level mobs are too hard. Wouldn't it be neat if we had some eq with a spell on it, hrm lets see whats a good name for it. On medievia they call it sanctuary haha. Specially if this eq had a high rent cost, hrm say maybe 10k. Seems if you got a car thats broke and you try and try to fix it but cant, then you finally fix it, but then theres other troubles with it, you might want to consider removing some of the prior fixes that didnt do what you wanted. Not saying that removing sanc didnt do just what you intended, but I think the new fight system is very nice, and theres a lot of things that were changed in the old system that could be looked at again. Ie mobs with 100 in all stats, I really like mobs that have weaknesses you have to figure out.

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 16, 07:13AM

Oh another thing, on other muds, that might solve some objections to sanc, critical hits arent affected by sanc. Ie perfect dice rolls hit victim as if victim wasnt sanced at all. This helps keep sanc from making it were you can kill anything extra hard too easily.

From: Rufus Sunday, January 17, 11:14AM

Sanc is... how can I put it... um, NEVER coming back into this game. At all. Nope. Zilch. Sorry. Game design flaw that caused more headache in pkill than anything else we've had thus far. -Ruf


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