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Posted by Adolfus on 01/15

Not to beat a dead horse, but I have been thinking about the xp situation, and had a few ideas I don't think have been mentioned. First a question, how much xp is a plain jane lvl 50 mob supposed to be worth to a lvl 50 char. Not counting special mobs that are really hard, that havent been reevaluated. Ive noticed that its possible to make a char and level only a few times to say around lvl 5 or so, and with careful choosing get 2K xp for a kill. It seems that lvl 50's xp for a plain jane mob is in the 20-25k xp range. I think this illustrates just how easy the lower levels are now, and just how slow the high levels are. In the old system lvl 6 was a big problem for some ppl, but with the system today, its very easy to die twice in a short period and then come back and level within an hour or two. Legend in the old system, wasn't the type of mud where the mobs came looking for you and you died without reason. You basically picked your danger, with careful setting of your wimpy deaths could be avoided. The oft heard phrase told to newbies was not to die, but the real sting of death has been lowered quite a bit. Add that to the fact of how relatively easy it is to get xp at lower levels, and you can see just how far the difficulty has been pushed toward lvl40+. Im beginning to think that the problem isn't the xp split that low level chars get, Ie that they dont get enough for killing high level mobs. It looks to me that getting to lvl 35 or so Is way too easy. Though I can understand making the levels progressively harder, I think the key factor in the boringness of the high levels, is the lack of risk and the relatively low xp loss on death. Now I understand that if you keep the amount of xp to get lvl 50 the same, you can simply make the lower levels easier and the high levels harder, just by shifting the xp around a bit, and I also understand that players reactions saying that mobs just arent giving enough xp at high levels don't really have much foundation, (other than mobs that are specially hard and should be reevaluated) Just saying we want all lvl 50 mobs to be worth 200k is pointless and would break the system. But another factor in why lvl 50's get such low xp is the reduction in the xp loss from dying. Personally I think shifting the xp gained to the lower levels and leaving the amount lost from death would have been a good enough fix. But less experienced players might disagree, and say they don't like to be in big xp holes, at least they might say this till they reach lvl 40. I think one of the things raised when ppl say there just isnt some hard mob I can try to kill to get a bunch of xp, is in part caused by this change in how much xp you lose from dying. One sorta way to give lvl50's more xp for each mob killed would be to raise the xp from dying, right now there just isnt a very good way to ramp up the difficulty try a hard mob and get good xp. I think there would be some players who would say, I want the xp for each mob I killed doubled, and for this I will accept double the penalty on dying. Im not sure the math would work out just right on a one for one increase like that, and Im sure it would not be something that could be coded easily, just don't think this issue has been raised. How you can get 2k xp around lvl 8? or 5? and 25k is normal for lvl 50, this is very frustrating.

From: Adolfus Friday, January 15, 10:02AM

Hate to keep bringing up medievia, but just to illustrate how another system does their xp, for good or bad. Each level, xp needed to level is doubled and they are on a 31 lvl system, not that that really matters. They also use xp caps, wherein, each level has a maximum amount of xp they can get for a kill, this is the only limiting factor on how much xp a mob is worth. The more ppl in the group the more the mob is worth, Example lvl 25 kills a mob solo and it is worth 350k, two lvl 25's kill the same mob and it is worth maybe 450k and each player splits that, this encourages grouping but doesn't break the system or anything. Not sure if this could help legend any, but I think its been mentioned that there is a problem with rewarding high level players for xp, while not making it too easy to kill a high lvl mob and lvl off one kill for lower levels. It seems like doing it like that with the xp cap could solve this problem, players would group and would kill mobs just hard enough to get their xp cap, and at the same time allowing higher levels to get the full benefit of the hardness of the mob.

From: Rufus Friday, January 15, 01:02PM

We already have an xp bonus for number in a group, and it can actually double the amount of xp a mob is worth. As to your other question, the problem isn't in the scale, it's in how tough the mobs post-level 35 are. That is being looked into. -Ruf

From: Davien Friday, January 15, 02:00PM

Not sure how this applies, but its a small observation that has been made to me that I happen to agree with after looking around for quite a while now. It seems there are less players helping other players out. Now there may be many reasons for this, but the one mentioned to me, and the one that I can agree with is people are too busy gained exp for themselves, be it in groups or solo, to really worry sbout helping out with all those little requests that people put on chat. If you have to spend all your time levelling to make level 50, where lets face it, there isn't really all that much to do other than help other players it kind of detracts from what you can do. Take a simple request for say, a dex neck item. I would far rather visit HoL with a level 50 to get it than a level 44 or something even if it is only from the benefit that the hit table would give me. This is true of most people I would think. So I simply say its not worth it for me to help out this person unless he/she is someone I am friends with and thats not fun :( Linked to that is the time it would take me to recover if I died. 2mil under the old system was not that harsh a penalty really. Couple of hours tops to recover it. Now it takes twice as long. 2m / 110K is ummmm 18ish. 750K / 22K is ummmmm 36ish. (guesses cause I'm rushed) OK granted at level 44 it might be better, but I haven't tried it and I actually think it would be about the same. Summing up, either unintentionally or otherwise, the new scale has in my opinion, reduced the number of bored level 50's out there who would quite gladly lend a hand, and incresed the number of people in the mid 40's who have limited time here and would rather help themselves with that time, than benefit someone they don't know. I guess thats a thought on the exp scale, as this thread is titled. Davien Holyoake.

From: Mo Friday, January 15, 04:38PM

I agree the problem lies in the difficulty of higher level mobs. Even between levels 45 and 50 (mob levels) there is a huge difference, as can be seen when fighting the captains in indus versus some other lvl 50 mob. Most of this difficulty lies, in my opinion, that they were created under the system when dex ruled all and the other stats were merely just a bonus -- making near-all 100 stat mobs not much tougher than a simple 100 dex mob. If mobs came with a weapon of any sort, and taken into account the damage they do with the weapon, it would make mobkilling generally a lot easier -- more chance parry would kick in, and hopefully visible effects upon casting weaken and clumsy. But as stressed many times before, we lack concentrated areas of level 50 mobs that can be harvested by a relatively small, or even solo group. Lvl 50 xp runs usually involve extensive amount of travelling, something I personally could do without -- if i had it my way, every city would have Klein guards and shopkeeps. Also, it would be nice if there were mobs that were actually worth the effort -- the lion comes close, giving me roughly the same amount of xp i'd have gotten if i were to kill klein guards to the point where my hps/mana dwindled to the same point. In the meantime, however, it would be more interesting if somebody disabled the darn linked disappearances in HoL, beef them up a bit, and allow it to be a roaming ground for us. Surely the dead won't mind getting a boost, tho it may mean they get killed more often. Mo!


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