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Posted by Conspiracy on 01/18

so far since the changes, I have gotten a kind smile and that god awful chandolier. I'm not sure who put these things in the machine to begin with, but I'd like to just say that these things pretty well suck (no offense to whoever made them). We need more things that can be used in more than one slot, for example - the bleeping Tamagochi(TM). That is the best premade string I have ever seen, and I suggest that more things like that be placed in the machine and the junk taken out. Oh and one other thing, lets put some color in some of these things, maybe then it wouldn't be so bad. Instead of seeing fifty dynamite sticks, you would see a red one, a green one, etc... maybe even put in a limited amount of multicolors. (just a thought) -Cons.

From: Fright Saturday, January 16, 07:16AM

Well, personally I thought that the tamagotchi was a really lame string to get. :P No matter what is in there some people are going to like and dislike each thing. Fright PS - I have to wonder tho, who could find an use for a chandolier?? -boggle-

From: LadyAce Saturday, January 16, 12:18PM

Any responses about the prize machine can be directed to me, since I put the items in. I've gotten a wide range of opinions on every single item I've ever put in there, despite the fact that most of the items are based entirely on player suggestions. I am sick and tired of the complaints, and frankly, hurt and offended by the fact that people are so extremely ingracious. It's a prize machine. It's not an RP machine, it's not a 'something you've always wanted machine' -- it's luck, chance, sometimes you get something good and sometimes you get something you can't stand. Like any other machine you put a token into. I'm more than willing to change items regularly. In fact, I try to change them at least every month, and more often if the randoms are messed up. But really, what kind of reaction do you expect from me when you tell me I suck? You think I'll run right out there and make a lot of changes just so you won't say that again? Give me a break. Suggestions are great, but insults do nothing but discourage me. As for uses of the chandelier. I had thought that people might find it fun as a light source, bobbing above their heads. I also thought it would be a nice thing to hold on to, tuck away for a while, and then use in a house. After all, there's not a whole lot of loose furniture floating around the mud. -LadyAce

From: LadyAce Saturday, January 16, 12:28PM

Let me clarify my previous post -- you didn't say that I specifically suck. You said my work sucks, but no offense. Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't work that way. My work is a reflection of my self. The ideas go from inside my head to my fingers on the keyboard. I hear complaints day in and day out about how this sucks and that sucks. I'm not telling you to like it, I'm telling you to find some other way to handle the fact that you don't always get what you want by saying that it all sucks. I'm sure that I'll get yelled at for being too harsh, but I'm not the cosmic pushover that some people take me for. I'll only take so much insult and negativity before I tell you it's enough. And as far as the prize machine goes, this is enough. Conspiracy's complaints were not the beginning of this issue, but they are the end of it. I won't let an ingracious subset of players ruin what was originally intended as a fun and amusing toy, and a way to give prizes when we normally wouldn't. But I will create an attitude which is sufficient to protect myself from damage. -LadyAce

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 16, 03:35PM

Overall I've been very pleased with what I've gotten out of the prize machine.

From: Alejandro Monday, January 18, 02:20PM

I love everything and anything i get from the prize machine! i think they're original and funny...and to those who don't like what they get from there...i suggest you just exchange it with someone else who appreciates it...or sell it and quit complaining... well i'm just one of those people who likes to collect all these stuff...so i love the prize machine...i think we should appreciate the fact that the prize machine and the prizes you get from it even exists And for whoever who wants to know who could find a use for the chandelier, I have an alt who's the Phantom of the Opera, and if you know the story he sent a chandelier crashing in the Paris Opera House, so I know he could use one...:P so there...:P too bad he ain't got one though...


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