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friendliness and harshness

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Posted by Mariachi on 01/16

OK, I have a few thoughts on friendliness, on the MUD as a whole, some developing from my own experience, some from things I've been told by others. By friendliness I am referring to helpfulness. Helping of newbies, of unfortunate victims of DTs, of people needing CRs, and just generally of your fellow mudder. It seems that such helpfulness has all but disappeared from this MUD, and that people will only help their friends or people they know. So I make a general plea on behalf of everyone who ever needs help: think of the times you've been helped. If you haven't, then be better than everyone who ignored your cries, and help those who need it. It's a sorry state of affairs when Kai, the most helpful character on the MUD, didn't have a line of people hoping to help him re-equip. And I don't mean the people who object to bots on the whole, I mean the people who use him when they need orbs or tforming, but couldn't be bothered helping him re-equip when he needed help. Truly pathetic, if you ask me Moving on to my next point, I wish to reiterate what I've said in the past about my being a harsh, obnoxious poster. I am such, and always have been. I always will be, and all I can say is if you don't like what I have to say, don't read it. Many people have posted directly to me, instead of privately expressing concerns, objections to my posts that some would find insulting and downright demeaning. I do not find them such, so feel free to flame on. Just understand, I am as I am because of the way i see others. People complaining constantly, whining, saying why this mud is worse than it could be or worse than that mud, or has lousy immorts. This last gets to me the most, when posters target the immorts individually or as a staff. Maybe they can take it, but dammit, show them a little respect. They've earned it, they work damn hard for no pay or gratitude because they want to make this MUD go so you all can enjoy it. You know housing and skilltrees and such are complex issues for millions of reasons. So they aren't in when projected, big deal. Cut the staff a little slack. You've lived without until now, I think you can carry on. All you who love to complain, I think you should try it sometime, running something like this. I haven't and don't imagine I could, but you don't see me complaining. And if you have done this sort of thing, then I don't see why you'd complain. I'm simply boggled that so many here behave as if they're so spoiled, always should be getting what they want when they want it... And that is why I am how I am. Mariachi the increasingly unpopular

From: Mo Friday, January 15, 10:43PM

I don't think I've enlisted the help of Kai in any incarnation that I can remember, bot or not. The trend today is that even some of the better OOC buddies don't really are down and eager to assist their friends. I should note here that I'm only speaking for myself and the limited amount of stuff I see, btw. For me, I don't think I was too helpful at any given time to begin with, simply because I lacked the means to be helpful in the beginning, and afterwards because I was wrapped up completely in my affairs. In general, the mud nowadays is a place where it takes constant attention in order to be doing something -- maintenance of a character seems to have increased a lot ever since the fight system change -- in general, the mud was a lot more helpful back when there wasn't any changes implemented for a long time, when players were bored out of their minds, when there was nothing you could really do once you had your little collection of characters levelled to 50. With the changes to the fight system, one, there is not many of those incredibly strong mob-kill chars that once existed, with 600mana/hp and 100dex/mind. Two, with the change in the xp scale, motivation for being active after a certain level has diminished greatly, resulting in players either here for socializing, or levelling their lowbie alts. Three, with the change of the xp scale, the perceived and (thanks to the increased damcap) actual maintenance of chars increased, inflating the cost of ventures such as xp runs and eq runs. Four, healers have become scarcer for the decrease in their demand, partially because there are less level 50s around mobkilling. Five, pkill has become more interesting despite the current lack of action, due to the variety of characters that are viable -- before, the people you fought only varied in luck and skill, but their characters were almost cookie-cut. Six, due to all this change, players have adapted a mood of overall 'laziness' where action no longer fuels adrenaline, but prompts possible outcomes with calculations on how long it could take to recover from a mistake -- a sign of the aged, in general. In order for the old friendliness to return, in my opinion, the mud must first reach a temporary stability where no drastic changes can be forseen. Also, the maintenance cost of characters, in terms of gear and otherwise, should be lowered. Xp of mobs should be increased in order to promote more availability of healers roaming about for a job, and there should be merits for druids who simply stick around past 50 -- I personally find it hard to continue playing ANY character beyond 50 (if they are not clanned) and a healer does not fall into an exception. There should be slightly more incentive for older chars to be online -- despite the fact that it may seem as an hindrance or unfairness to new players, having older players and chars around, in my opinion, will have benefits that outweigh the costs. Mo

From: Davien Friday, January 15, 11:39PM

See message 55 append 3 for my opinion. But I agree with the others as well. Davien Holyoake.

From: Bryn Friday, January 15, 11:44PM

Helping someone re-eq is a fairly major investment of time and effort. I've never really been too motivated to help someone I'm not frien friends with. On the other hand, if I can, I'd always help a friend re-eq. I don't really see anything wrong with this. It's sorta like the real worl world, you know? Well, Kai I'd probably help just because I've used him in the past, but some random person who just DT'd? Probably not. -bounce- Bryn!

From: Celeste Saturday, January 16, 12:35AM

Mo and Davien bring up some really good points that I pretty much agree with but am waaaaaay too lazy to type out. As for re-equipping. Well, if I am capable, I'll help friends, but I don't exempt helping total strangers out either. It depends largely on my boredom factor. Celeste de Rais -One of those rapidly vanishing 50s who sit around and rot-

From: Jehovah Saturday, January 16, 12:36AM

Heres a thought for the day on this topic.... Ever realize that you might end up making a new friend by helping a stranger? :)

From: Mo Saturday, January 16, 01:25AM

as antisocial as this sounds, friends are high-maintenance too ;) seriously though, experience tells me friends made by helping them out have a tendency to show up in different forms needing different aid before they offer help in return. not that i'm advocating unfriendliness, but i don't think i've ever asked of friends more than they were willing to give, nor more than i was willing to do in return -- and in my state of laziness, i have come to the point of not asking for anything pretty much. judging from the current state, it is likely that it will remain so for a while -- and i believe i am not the only one who thinks thus. Mo!

From: Mo Saturday, January 16, 01:31AM

Mmm. also, come to think of it, to blame 'boredom' isn't quite the right use of the word. By shifting the killing scheme to quantity rather than quality, it made players busy at all times if they were online mobkilling, as opposed to before when activity centered on repops of key mobs. Thus, there are less people online with the mindset to do something active that aren't doing something already, reducing the number of available hands for a certain task. Mo!

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 16, 06:01AM

I agree with what a lot of mo said in his first append, when I played Beam I coulda been a big help in requipping, but with the changes its hard to get interested. And its true if you help someone your just begging them to ask you to help them the next time they get in trouble, its very easy to get way too much demands on your time, directly proportional to how popular you are. As for giving imms respect, we should give everyone respect when we post, not some more than others etc. Now if someone is particularly boneheaded and mean, we can point this out to them. Yes the imms work hard on the mud, but its a kind of don't throw me in that briar patch kinda thing. Theres all kinds of players that would love to be thrown in that briar patch. So saying they should be fawned over for doing their jobs is bull I think. Now if someone is imm bashing for the sake of imm bashing then thats different, personally I always try to have a reason for saying what I do. Ive spent over 10k hours connected to this mud or more over the years, and while I've never tried to be an immort, Id like to think ive affected it in some small ways. Of course I would be denied if I tried to immort, and thats ok, I dont want to put in that kinda work, but not only are there players dying to immort, I can also remember when a lot of these players that are immorts now, were dying to be immorts themselves. And why do they want to immort so bad? I look at it kinda like cops, cops become cops because they like power. Why else put up with all the work and no appreciation, one reason is players that defend them no matter what, and automatically agree with everything they say. Also some of them seem to development attitudes of superiority and you seem to want us to treat them with deference as if you agreed with their attitude of superiority. The imms are doing a good job, this is not a post to bash imms. Not all imms have this attitude. But I think all people should be treated with respect. Players and imms alike, as for not -strike the -as for not-

From: Fright Saturday, January 16, 07:23AM

Mo and Davien both got the gist of the problem I think. And yes it is a problem. Compare the non-pkill level 50s on now to before the xp changes and I know that you are looking at a large difference in numbers. There really isn't much incentive to play those level 50s anymore unless you are pkilling with them. As for Kai, I've never had the need to use him in this incarnation, so I didn't help him in this incarnation. I suppose I could have switched characters and helped him, but I was a - so wrapped up in what I was doing that I didn't want to and b - that's technically not allowed here (though its not really enforced) I agree with Daviens post, most people are stuck playing their lower level alts instead of their high level, because it takes so much more work at the character to get to 50th. Solotions to this... well, give some more incentive to level 50s to play. (even if it's just the non-pkillers) The rewards now for getting mor than 25 million xp aren't terribly good, because they are very very long term rewards. Maybe make a lesser prize available every 5 mil xp or something like that. (a token maybe, or something like that) I am sure some people think that being level 50 is its own reward, yadda-yadda, and that rewarding someone for playing is silly. Maybe in some ways it is, but as Mo I think said, a rotting oldbie does a lot more to help this mud than 10 levelling newbies do. (paraphrased) Fright

From: Adolfus Saturday, January 16, 03:36PM


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