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Posted by Mo on 01/18

Mmm, me being selfish, and seeing as to how i'll have to quit mudding for good once i graduate and get conscripted, was thinking if there was enough interest for somebody here to try ordering LegendMUD tshirts. Design could be argued upon, or submitted via scans and attachments to various ppl, and we could vote on them... or, we could settle for a plain black t-shirt with some text on it (like, say, "mud.sig.net:9999" on the right breast, and "a black 'LegendMUD' T-Shirt'" written on the back, all in plain white font :p) Mo!

From: Sandra Sunday, January 17, 09:50AM

You may want to talk with Kaige about this idea Mo. I know that we did this once before, and probably could once again if there was enough interest.

From: LadyAce Sunday, January 17, 11:02AM

Actually, last I knew, Kaige was working on this for this year, investigating prices, etc. Unfortunately some things have come up with her family, but when her life is a little more sane, I'm sure she'll get back to me on it -- we were going to have a contest for the design, and publish the choices on the web, and allow players to vote that way. -LadyAce

From: Mo Sunday, January 17, 11:09AM

It's funny what kind of things I can dig up while randomly brainstorming.

From: Celeste Monday, January 18, 01:01AM

Eek, you're leaving? -SNIFF- Celeste de Rais


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